What To Do As A Christian When My Wife Is Sick

There’s nothing worse than having a sick wife and not knowing what to do. You may be feeling helpless, overwhelmed, and even guilty that you’re not helping her more. But what can you do? The fact of the matter is, caring for someone who’s ill is hard work! It’s easy to feel like you’re doing something wrong when your wife doesn’t get better right away or if things just keep getting worse over time. I know it can be frustrating—I’ve been there myself. Here are some tips on how to care for your sick wife in ways that will help both of you through this difficult time together:

What To Do As A Christian When My Wife Is Sick

Pray for her

You can pray for her physical and emotional healing, the health of her body and mind. Pray that she would be happy and peaceful, that she would have the strength and courage to face what comes next. When your wife is sick, it’s important to remember how much you love her. Keep in mind all of the good times you’ve had together since you were married—the vacations, birthdays, anniversaries…even just hanging out on the couch one night when nothing else was going on! Let these memories help remind you why it’s so important for both of you to be strong in your faith right now. You might even want to think about how lucky we are that God gave us a chance at life together before this happened…some people never get such an opportunity!

Listen to what she has to say about her medical care

Throughout the process, it’s important to listen to what your wife has to say. She will likely be able to tell you what symptoms she’s experiencing and how they’re affecting her life. She may also have questions about her treatment plan and the prognosis for recovery. Don’t hesitate to ask questions if something seems unclear or wrong; if necessary, seek out another opinion from a doctor who specializes in whatever disease your wife is suffering from. Seek out multiple opinions if you feel like your current one isn’t providing adequate care; this could help ensure that she receives the best possible care at all times while also helping you understand different approaches toward treatment and recovery within various medical fields.

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If your wife is undergoing surgery or any other procedure that might cause pain afterward, make sure that she understands all post-op instructions thoroughly before going into surgery so there aren’t any surprises afterword (like needing medication for pain).

Understand that she may be depressed and frustrated

Your wife may be experiencing a range of emotions, including depression and frustration. She may also feel helpless, guilty, angry, isolated and vulnerable. If you’re aware of these feelings in her then it’s important that you are able to understand them. This can help build trust between the two of you as well as being an outlet for communication which will help make things easier for your wife when she’s feeling sick (or at any time really).

Care for her

There are several ways you can help your wife when she’s sick:

  • Care for her physically. If she’s sick in bed, bring her meals and drinks on a tray. If she’s too weak to walk, change the sheets and bathe her if necessary.
  • Help with housework and chores around the house. If there are young children at home, make sure they’re taken care of as well; if not, fill in at home while your wife rests or sleeps. This can include laundry, cleaning bathrooms and bedrooms, washing dishes from meals cooked by others (with permission), etc., so long as these tasks don’t put too much strain on your body or cause additional wear-and-tear on yours or others’ health (e.g., lifting heavy loads). Some men may feel uncomfortable doing these things—but if it means that their wives will be able to rest when they need it most then they should do whatever they can! The same applies if someone else comes over to help out–ask them first before starting up any new projects so that everyone knows whose responsibility each one falls under (and work together towards completing them all!).
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Help out if you can with the children

  • If your wife is sick, don’t let this be an excuse to take over her responsibilities. Let her know that you are there for her and that you can help with the children if she needs it.
  • Be a good example for your children. When they see how much you love their mother and care for her when she’s sick, they will learn how to treat other people in their life who may be sick or weak.
  • Be a good teacher of respect, patience and consideration. Your children will look up to you as an example of what a man should be like when dealing with someone who is ill or grieving from loss or tragedy in their lives (such as death).
  • Be a good listener for any concerns that might need to be addressed during this difficult time like financial issues at home such as bills not being paid on time due to lack of income coming in because one spouse has been out all week taking care of another family member who is sick instead of working outside jobs which means we have less money coming into our house now making it harder than usual financially too

Maintain your spiritual growth while caring for her

While you are caring for your wife, there are ways you can maintain your spiritual growth. You can use the time to read the Bible, pray, or meditate. You could also use this time to grow in your faith and learn more about God. You may even want to explore what it means to have a personal relationship with God and others.

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You can love your sick wife without being “clingy” or smothering.

You can love your sick wife without being “clingy” or smothering.

You can be there for her, but don’t smother her. She needs space and time to be herself—to think and figure out how she feels. You need to give her that space so that she can heal emotionally and spiritually as well as physically. It’s okay if you feel like you’re being left behind sometimes; just keep in mind that it will get better soon enough!

Another thing: don’t be afraid to ask for help yourself! There are others who love your wife just as much as you do, including family members who may know things about the sickness that could help you out (like giving medication at certain times of day). This is when it’ll come in handy knowing who those people are! So make sure they know what’s going on too so they can support both of y’all through this tough time together 🙂


Being a good husband when your wife is sick isn’t difficult. The key is to take care of her needs while also acknowledging her limitations. The last thing you want to do is smother her or be overly attached to her. Instead, provide support by helping out around the house and caring for any children that may need extra attention. You can do all this without being “clingy” or smothering because they are simply trying to help out while she gets better.

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