What Did Jesus Do When He Was Young

it’s important to know the life and works of the man who is thought of as the Son of God. Jesus Christ was born in a small village called Bethlehem, which was ruled by King Herod at the time. He grew up in Nazareth with his family until he began his ministry when he was 30 years old. In this article, we’ll talk about what Jesus did when he was young

What Did Jesus Do When He Was Young

1. Jesus learned to be a carpenter.

In his early years, Jesus learned carpentry from his father. He was a master carpenter and built tables and chairs for people to use in their homes. After he grew up, he helped his father build a house for him (Matthew 7:24). Later on in life, Jesus started building houses for other people as well. One time when he was working on a house for someone else, some workers came along who were doing nothing but standing around talking about how much they didn’t like their job (Matthew 20:1-6). When they saw who Jesus was working with them on this project, they decided that maybe they didn’t want to work after all!

2. He also was tempted by Satan.

You might be interested to learn that Jesus was also tempted by Satan and the demons. Here are some examples of what happened:

  • When Jesus was hungry, Satan tempted him to turn stones into bread.
  • The Devil also tempted Jesus to jump off a cliff and fly as angels do.
  • One time, the Devil tried to get Jesus to worship him instead of God (this is called idolatry). He even told Jesus that if he did this one thing, all his followers would worship him too!
  • Also, the Devil tempted Jesus with many other things—things like throwing himself off a temple or worshipping other gods instead of God—but none of those worked either!
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3. He started preaching the gospel when he was 30.

As you may remember from your RCIA classes, Jesus was baptized in the Jordan River by John the Baptist. This was a time for him to reflect on the past and prepare for the future. After this, Jesus started preaching the gospel. He taught people how to live their lives in a way that followed God’s plan and healed those who were sick or injured. He also set an example of how we should behave when dealing with other people by being kind, generous, and helpful wherever possible.

4. He helped people learn and understand important lessons.

Jesus was a great teacher. He taught many lessons in his life, and one of them is that you should always be nice to others. By doing this, you show love and kindness to them, which makes them feel better about themselves and the way they live their lives.

Jesus also taught us that it’s important for us to help people understand important truths about life and how things work so that they don’t make mistakes or misunderstand important things. We all make mistakes sometimes (even Jesus), but if we learn from what happens then we won’t repeat our mistakes over again later on down the road!

5. Jesus learned many skills when he was young in preparation for his ministry during his adulthood.

When Jesus was growing up, he learned many skills that would prepare him for his ministry during adulthood. As a young man, he learned to become a carpenter so that he could work as an artisan. This job helped him earn money for himself and his family; it also gave him valuable experience working with tools and materials.

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In addition to learning how to work with wood, Jesus also had a difficult spiritual trial when he was tempted by Satan at the beginning of his ministry:

Jesus went into the wilderness where he fasted 40 days and nights. Then Satan came up to him and said, “If you are God’s Son come down off this mountain!” But Jesus replied: “You must worship God alone! You can’t worship both God and money because they are two different things!”


We can see how Jesus learned many important lessons and skills during his childhood. This gave him the foundation he needed to continue his work as an adult. When we look at what Jesus did when he was young, it can inspire us to do better things in our own lives. We may not be able to do miracles or preach sermons as Jesus did but if we follow his example of doing good deeds around us every day then maybe we’ll be able

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