What Did Jesus Do When He Was A Kid

Despite what people say about Jesus, he was an ordinary person who lived an ordinary life until he began his public ministry. He grew up in Nazareth with a normal family and friends. He was even just like any other teenager growing up in ancient Israel—he got into trouble and had arguments with his parents. We may not think of Jesus as being like a typical kid but when we look at the Bible and Jewish history books, we can see that this is actually true!

What Did Jesus Do When He Was A Kid

1. According to Bible Scholars, Jesus Was a Troubled Teen

When it comes to the life of Jesus, some people assume that he was a perfect angel who never did anything wrong. While we may not know all of the details about his childhood or early adulthood, there are plenty of examples in Scripture where he messed up. In fact, if you’ve been paying attention at all to pop culture lately, you might have heard about how many teenage boys struggle with self-esteem issues and low self-confidence.

In Matthew 4:1-11:2, Jesus’s first major appearance in the Bible is when he’s tempted by Satan while fasting in the desert. He performs miracles during his travels around Israel as an adult but apparently had no issues with temptation! It wasn’t until his baptism that any sort of issue arose for him – even though he was being baptized for purification purposes rather than out of sinfulness (see Mark 1:9).

2. Jesus Got Lost at the Temple

As a child, Jesus got lost at the Temple. This was a very big deal because it was such a holy place for Jews to go and pray.

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Unfortunately, Jesus didn’t have any parents around to help him find his way back home. Luckily he had some brothers who were much older than him who could help him out! Unfortunately, they weren’t there either…

John and James were busy taking care of their father’s business while Joseph was away working on a construction project in another town (he would come back later). John was responsible for babysitting his little brother when not helping out with the family business or playing sports outside with other children who lived nearby – but he wasn’t there either!

3. His Childhood Friends Hated Him

Jesus never had many friends. The other kids at school didn’t like him because he was different and they were jealous of him. They didn’t like his teachings or his miracles, so they would pick on him, beat him up and call him names. Sometimes they would even throw rocks at him and yell things like “Hey Jesus! You’re weird!” or “Go back to your planet!” The only person who ever really understood Jesus was Mary Magdalene (aka Mary).

4. He Made Wine for Weddings and Parties

If you’re a Christian, you may have heard the story of Jesus turning water into wine at a wedding. But did you know that this was just one of the many examples of Jesus making wine?

Seriously, I don’t even think it was his favorite thing to do. The Bible says he made plenty of wine before he ever turned water into it! In fact, when he turned the water into wine at Cana (which is in modern-day Turkey), his mother Mary said: “They have no wine.” And then Jesus said: “Woman, what does this have to do with me? My time has not yet come.” So obviously making good quality stuff wasn’t an accident because Jesus knew what kind of impact his brew would have on people’s lives!

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5. Yes, Jesus Drank Alcohol and Liked Parties

Jesus was a regular guy. And like most regular guys, he liked to party. Jesus drank wine at parties, weddings, Passover (aka the Jewish Easter), and other special occasions—even his own wedding! He didn’t just drink it either—he got rip-roaring drunk at one point and even went into the wilderness for 40 days and 40 nights so that he could have some alone time with God.

6. Jesus was a very ordinary person who lived an ordinary life until he began his public ministry.

Jesus was an ordinary person who lived an ordinary life. He had a human body, a human brain, and a human heart. He had normal abilities and feelings like you and I do. Jesus was not a superhuman being who existed in some other dimension or realm outside of our own world. Jesus lived in Galilee until he began his public ministry when he was about 30 years old (Luke 3:23). In those years before he started his public ministry, we know little about what Jesus did with himself—we don’t know whether he had any hobbies or pastimes; we don’t know what kind of music he liked to listen to; we don’t even know if he ever went on vacation! But there’s one thing we can be sure of: Jesus wasn’t doing anything different from what any other young man would’ve been doing at the time—he wasn’t able to perform miracles yet (John 2:11), so obviously no one knew about his divinely-appointed purpose for being here on earth as Messiah — except possibly his mother Mary (Luke 2:51).

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The Bible says that Jesus was a man of great humility and mercy, but it also shows that he had an ordinary life as a boy. He loved his parents, played with his friends, and went to parties with them. He drank wine and people even accused him of being drunk on their wedding day! The Bible also tells us that Jesus enjoyed making wine for weddings because it made everyone happy and joyful. So if you ever feel like your life isn’t extraordinary enough, just know that our Savior wasn’t perfect either—he was just an ordinary person who wanted everyone else’s lives to be better than theirs were before meeting him.”

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