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MAKE TIME FOR GOD WHEN LIFE IS BUSY | Rest In Jesus – Motivation

    Watch Motivation – MAKE TIME FOR GOD WHEN LIFE IS BUSY | Rest In Jesus.  Most often Life  get busy consequent upon which we get so overwhelmed with everything going on in our lives  such that we hardly make time for things that are really important.

    One of the things God want from us is for us to spend a good length of time with him. Recall that in the Bible when God visited Mary and Martha, Martha complained that Mary does not want to come and help her in the kitchen because Mary was just with Jesus  and Jesus replied, Martha , You worry yourself a lot. Mary here has chosen the best for herself. This will tell us how much Jesus values our time with him.

    Brethren, let us form the habit of spending time with God even in our busiest time.

    Speakers: Levi Lusko, Brady Boyd, Craig Groeschel, Dr. Charles Stanley

    Watch today’s motivation MAKE TIME FOR GOD WHEN LIFE IS BUSY 

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