Pastor Tony Evans Biography: Everything You Need To know About Pastor Tony Evans

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Tony Evans Biography

Pastor Tony Evans Biography : Anthony Tyrone Evans who is  popularly known as pastor Tony Evans is a 72 year old (Tony Evans age as at 2021) co-founder and senior pastor at oak cliff bible fellowship in Dallas. He was born on the 10th of September 1949 in Baltimore, Maryland USA. He was born to Arthur S. Evans SR. and Evelyn Evans (Tony Evans Parents). He lost his father in 2019 when he was 90 years old.

Pastor Tony Evans got married to Lois Irene Evans  on June 27, 1970(Tony Evans wife) and they have four children, their names are; Pricilla Shirer, Anthony Evans, Chrystal Evans Hurst and Jonathan Evans (Tony Evans children) with 13 grand children. His wife died on 30th December 2019 after battling a rare form of cancer called biliary cancer.

Pastor tony Evans is an author of many books and a best seller. Some of his great books includes but are not limited to: the power of God’s name, victory in spiritual warfare, kingdom men rising, kingdom marriage and kingdom disciples (Tony Evans books).

Pastor Tony Evans net worth is between $5,000,000-$10,000,000, his major source of income is his profession as a preacher and his books; he is also a speaker, which has also contributed to his wealth. His monthly income is about $30,000, while yearly is about $1.5,00,000.

Tony was the first African-American scholar who completed a Doctor of Theology degree from the Dallas Theological Seminary.  As a seminary student, he had a plan to take the biblical worldview around the world via evangelism.

God helped him start up in oak cliff in 1976 through Dr. Corner who had a similar mission of planting bible churches everywhere. He gave Dr. tony Evans the task after a while of prayer to help him make the right decision of if he should accept or reject this task.

When he finally did, he called upon his friend Rev. Crawford Loritts, and together they started the church, they later chartered the church as Oak cliff bible fellowship.

As time went by, he watched its members grow from 10 to over 10,000. Tony Evans preaching is now worldwide with over 1,400 radio outlets to his broadcast airings in over 130 countries reaching millions across the globe each week.


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