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Sunday Live service with Pastors Sarah Jakes Roberts and Toure Roberts July 31 2022

    Sarah Jakes Roberts Sunday Service: You are invited to tooday’s Snday Live service ONE/Potters House Church with Pastors Sarah Jakes Roberts and Toure Roberts.

    This is a sppecial Sunday service you cannot afford to miss. You can stream today’s Sunday servce withy Sarah Jakes Roberts from anywhere around the world.

    Join Toure and Sarah Jakes Roberts on Sunday right here to live stream Sunday service by them. As you join Toure and Sarah Jakes Roberts Sunday service life stream, You can pray with Toure and Sarah Jakes Roberts, the Spirit of God gives you guide on how to come out of that thing you have long struggled with, you hope is born again and your life becomes a sign and a wonder. Join Toure and Sarah Jakes Roberts now and every Sunday right here and get in touch with the message of Salvation, Restoration, Hope and Love. Your relationship is also built as you watch and stream live Sunday services with Pastor Toure Roberts and Sarah Jakes Roberts.

    Video Credit: ONE | A Potter’s House Church


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