Strength For Today Hope For Tomorrow

A hymn of hope and strength, this song comes from a Christian tradition that celebrates the power of God in the world.

Strength For Today Hope For Tomorrow

Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow,

The song is about the strength we can find in God, who gives us the power to overcome our own sins and those of others. He is always faithful to help us, even if we cannot see what he’s doing.

I love this song because it reminds me that I am not alone when I feel weak or discouraged in my walk with Christ. The Bible says we are stronger together because God works through our community (2 Corinthians 12:9). We should not be ashamed or afraid to ask for help when we need it! You are loved by God and surrounded by people who care about you no matter what you have done. If you’re struggling with any type of addiction—whether it’s alcohol abuse or drug addiction—please call us today at 1-844-HIRE-A-SELFDONATE (1-844-444-3733).

Blessings all mine, with ten thousand beside!

God is a blessing to us, a gift from above, who promises to give us strength and hope for tomorrow. God’s love is a source of peace, joy and strength in our lives.

Great God, I ask Thee for no gold and treasure,

Great God, I ask Thee for no gold and treasure.

I am Yours. I need You. My treasure is in heaven.

Nor aught except Thou self in me abide.

“Nor aught except Thou self in me abide,” wrote Thomas Traherne, the 18th-century English poet.

“And what Thou art is mine.” While it may be easy to take this statement at face value and believe that all we need is God’s presence—and not any other worldly thing—it’s not always that simple. The truth of the matter is, sometimes it takes more than just having faith in order to feel anything spiritual or divine; sometimes you need something material as well.

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Safely through another week God has brought us;

“Through another week God has brought us, safely through another week.”

Christopher Fry’s poetic lines from the play A Sleep of Prisoners begin to take on new meaning as we reflect on this week’s events. The line above is taken from a song called “The Lullabye of Broadway,” in which an Englishman sings to himself about his experiences during World War II. This passage is particularly poignant because of its context: it was written after the German air raid on Coventry, England in 1940 (and before Pearl Harbor). This tragic event shook the world like nothing had before or since, setting off a chain reaction that would result in millions upon millions of people losing their lives. Christopher Fry wrote these words while contemplating what it must be like for those who are left behind after such an atrocity occurs—those who survive but lose everything they hold dear—and how they cope with such loss.

Let us now a grateful heart prepare,

As you prepare for the week ahead, let us also a grateful heart prepare. Let us prepare for what is to come, for what we do not know, and even for what we may fear.

Let us be thankful for those who have shown their care and concern in our lives today. Let us be thankful for those who fill our lives with joy, love and laughter. Let us be thankful that we are able to live each day with purpose and meaning; sharing our gifts with others so that they too may know the joys of a grateful heart!

And with blessing, thanks, and praise to Him in gladness

Blessings, thanks and praise are to be offered to the One who is the source of all blessings, thanks and praise.

  • Blessings: The word blessings refers to God’s mercy on man (Genesis 12:1; Psalm 32:2). It can also refer to an abundance of gifts from God (Psalm 84:11), or His bestowing benefits upon us (Deuteronomy 28:2).
  • Thanks: The word thanks refers to acknowledging someone for their kindness or benefit done towards us (1 Timothy 5:18). We should be thankful for what God has given us in this life. He truly deserves our gratitude!
  • Praise: The word praise means giving glory or honor due another person or thing (Colossians 1:12; Romans 2:29). God deserves our highest admiration because He created everything that exists!
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Make this our solemn hymn of prayer.

  • Pray for strength to get through the week.
  • Pray for guidance and wisdom as you make important decisions.
  • Pray for peace, knowing that even in your darkest moments, God is with you.
  • Pray for his presence, so you can feel his love and receive comfort from him when he embraces you in his arms (and if a hug isn’t possible right now).
  • Ask him to bless your family and friends; let them know how much they mean to you!

Great God, I ask Thee for no gift of Thine That can add to my peace or make me blest;

Great God, I ask Thee for no gift of Thine That can add to my peace or make me blest;

But give me Jesus just the same As He was in Galilee.

Give me Jesus and His love, And all else is but dross and dung;

For if I fail without His grace To reach the glory land today,

I know I’ll have it when I die,

And that will be enough for me.

But the one thing that I crave so much is Thine Own abiding presence in my breast.

Prayer is more than a time-out from life, or a way to seek solace from problems. Prayer is the power of God’s presence in our lives. Prayer gives us strength for today, hope for tomorrow.

Prayer has been called the “master key” because it unlocks every door, every problem and every difficulty we face in this world. It has been advised that if one wants to know the truth about anything, he should consult God through prayer first before he consults anyone else (James 1:5). That’s because prayer gives us answers even when all else fails (1 Kings 8:28).

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Thou art all around me; let Thy Spirit Be within me too; in all my ways I pray Thee so to lead me that Thy glory I may see By the light reflected from my days.

The song is about the strength of God. The song is about the hope of God. The song is about the blessings of God. The song is about the God of all creation, and all hope, and all strength; it’s about Him being everywhere around us—and within us too!

In every aspect of our lives we pray that He would lead us so that His glory we may see by the light reflected from our days—and if there are any doubts left in your heart today, let me tell you this:

To learn more about this song visit

To learn more about this song visit

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In conclusion, I think that this song is a great way for people to express their feelings about the strength they need in their lives. It also helps them remember how much God loves them and how thankful they should be for all the things He has given us.

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