Spiritual Needs In Marriage

The needs of a person in a marriage are more than just physical. The spiritual needs of your spouse are just as important as the physical ones. These needs include love, honor, respect and so much more!

Spiritual Needs In Marriage

The Need To Love

The need to love is a spiritual need. It is not met by the world, but only by God.

When we do not feel loved, we often look for it from other sources (a spouse, children, friends). We search for that feeling in romantic relationships and friendships because it is something we were created to have. The frustration comes when those sources fail us or disappoint us and we begin to doubt the existence of love at all.

The Bible tells us that before the fall of Adam and Eve God was with them as their protector (Genesis 2:18). This means that they never had to worry about being alone or abandoned because God was always there ready with comfort if they needed it.[1] He continues His provision throughout history right up until today through Jesus Christ who came down from heaven so He could die on our behalf (John 3:16-17).

The Need To Be Loved

All people need to be loved. We were created for community and intimacy, and the deepest fulfillment in life comes from relationships with God and each other.

The Bible tells us that love is more than a feeling; it’s a choice we make toward others (1 John 3:16). Love is patient, kind and forgiving (1 Corinthians 13:4-8). It puts the other person first, even when it’s inconvenient or painful (Philippians 2:3-4). It doesn’t give up on someone when they’re struggling or make mistakes—it gets excited about what God can do through them!

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When you truly love your spouse, you choose to see their best potential instead of focusing on their flaws–even though this may mean putting your own needs aside sometimes.

The Need To Be Honored

The need to be honored is a universal need. The need to be honored is important because it provides the source of self-esteem and self-worth. In marriage, we often give up our identity in order to fulfill our role as wife, husband or mother/father. When we are not valued for who we are and what contributions we make as individuals, this can lead to feelings of being rejected by our spouse or family members. This may result in depression and other emotional problems that can negatively affect your ability to function at work or school.

If your marriage is important to you then learning how to build healthy relationships will improve the quality of life within your family unit. A relationship coach will teach you how they communicate effectively with people while opening their heart so they feel loved unconditionally by others

The Need To Serve

The need to serve is important for both partners. The Bible says that the husband is to love his wife as Christ loves the church and gave Himself up unto death for her (Ephesians 5:25). In other words, he’s supposed to give himself away—to give everything he has and everything he is—for the sake of others.

A marriage can thrive only if each partner is serving others. Serving others enhances your relationship with God because it’s an expression of His love through you. It also brings joy into your life because it lets you see how much better things are when you’re helping someone else instead of just thinking about yourself all the time!

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All people have a need to love, be loved and be honored.

You have a need to love, be loved and be honored. Your spouse has the same needs. You both want to feel secure in your relationship by knowing that you are loved and respected by each other.

  • Need to be Loved: A husband or wife who feels unloved is unhappy, unfulfilled and lonely inside. They may have feelings of emptiness or depression because they do not feel loved by the other person.
  • Need to Be Honored: The Bible says that God “highly exalted” Jesus Christ (Philippians 2:9). When your spouse honors you (by giving praise or paying you compliments), it means that he/she recognizes how much worth you have as a person! He/she also knows that there is something special about what makes up YOU—and he/she wants everyone else around him/her at home or at work too see it so they too can honor YOU for being who YOU are! If a husband does not show his wife how highly he thinks about her this way, then eventually she will start feeling like she isn’t worthwhile enough for people outside our home.”


When you’re married, it is important that you and your spouse are able to meet these needs. It is one of the most important aspects of a healthy relationship. If your partner does not fulfill these needs then they are not fulfilling their role as a husband or wife and will cause problems in your marriage. Love each other, honor each other and serve each other as Christ did for us so that our marriages may be strong enough to weather any storm!

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