Spiritual Fathering

“Spiritual fathering” is a term that refers to the process of mentoring and guiding another person in their spiritual walk with God. It’s about investing in the lives of others, helping them to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ. In this article, we’ll explore what spiritual fathering means and how you can be a spiritual father yourself!

Spiritual Fathering

What does it mean to be a father?

As a father, you are expected to provide for your family. This includes:

  • food
  • shelter
  • clothing
  • education
  • medical care

What does it mean to be a spiritual father?

Spiritual fathering is a responsibility and a privilege. It is a calling, a commitment, and an opportunity to become more like God in your daily walk with Him.

In the Bible, we see many examples of spiritual fathers (or mothers) who have been given the task of nurturing God’s children. Moses was one of these men; he led God’s people out of slavery in Egypt and through their wilderness journey until they reached the Promised Land. David was another such man—the beloved King whose heart was after God above all else. He wrote many psalms that are still sung today as hymns within churches worldwide.

Finally, Paul himself became an example for us when he dedicated his life to spreading the Gospel message around the world: preaching in Greece and Rome before finally being arrested by Roman authorities under Emperor Nero while journeying on one last mission trip to Spain (see Acts 21:27-28).

Spiritual fathering is an investment in the lives of spiritual sons and daughters.

  • Spiritual fathers are those who invest their time, wisdom, and other resources into the lives of their spiritual sons and daughters.
  • The goal of this kind of investment is to help those we mentor become more like Christ.

Spiritual fathering flows out of relationship.

Spiritual fathering is a process of relationship building. A good spiritual father carefully cultivates that relationship with his children, so that they can be open to receiving his guidance and counsel. Relationship is built on trust, which comes from time together. In order for a young man or woman to feel comfortable enough with their spiritual dad to ask him anything, they need an opportunity to learn about him over time—who he is as a person and how he lives out his faith in real life.

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A good relationship also requires shared experiences: going on retreats together; doing service projects together; taking trips away from home; hanging out at the house watching sports games—you get the idea! It’s during these experiences that young people begin learning what it means to follow Christ through another person’s example and teaching (Romans 1:1). They see how their dad lives out values like integrity and honesty in relationships with others (1 Timothy 3:10), generosity toward those less fortunate than us (Proverbs 22:7), courage when facing challenges (Ephesians 6:10-18), obedience even when it gets difficult (Hebrews 5:8). And all of this begins with spending time together!

Spiritual fathers invest their time to build relationships with those they mentor.

To be a spiritual father is to invest your time in the people you mentor. You will spend more time with them than you do with others who aren’t under your care, so you must be careful about how you use it. Time spent in conversation is not enough; a father needs to also share his life experiences and wisdom with his children. They need to see him living out the faith he preaches, so he can demonstrate how following Christ changes lives for the better.

Spiritual fathers invest their wisdom to share with those they mentor.

As a spiritual father, you should invest in the lives of those who are younger and under your care. You will do this by sharing with them your own experiences, mistakes, wisdom and knowledge. You will also share faith, love, hope and forgiveness with them. In addition to these things, you can also share grace and peace that comes from knowing God’s love for us as individuals.

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Remember though: no one can ever be perfect! Be honest about the times when you have failed others or even yourself! This is an important part of showing others how much God loves them because He has forgiven us too many times to count through Jesus Christ on our behalf at Calvary’s Cross where He died for our sins so we could experience reconciliation with Him for eternity through His death/resurrection (1 John 1 – 4).

Spiritual fathers invest in the lives of others, giving them opportunities and experiences.

Spiritual fathers invest in the lives of others, giving them opportunities and experiences. This investment can take many forms. For example, spiritual fathers provide opportunities for growth in their children’s lives by helping them to develop skills that will prepare them for life. They may help children develop an understanding of God through reading Scripture or praying with them. Spiritual fathers also give their children opportunities to serve as they grow up (e.g., leading small groups). Spiritual fathers also provide leadership training when they teach children how to lead teams or ministries at church; mentor them through difficult decisions or times; and disciple them by modeling godly character traits and values from God’s word.*

We want to do all that we can to encourage the growth of our children, and spiritual fathers should desire the same for their sons and daughters.

As a spiritual father, you must be willing to be a mentor, guide, leader, teacher and friend. You will need to teach your children about the Bible and its teachings. You will need to lead them by example; this means living out what they learn from God’s Word in your own life. Are you teaching them how to pray? Teaching them how they can become better followers of Christ? Be careful not to just talk about it but also live it out!

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The most important thing for any father (or mother) is that he/she loves their children unconditionally regardless of whether or not their child is perfect or does everything perfectly according to our standards. We want to do all that we can for our children even if sometimes it means doing things we don’t necessarily agree with or believe in ourselves just because we love them so much that we want what’s best for them at any cost.


We are called to be spiritual fathers in our lives and the lives of others. It takes time, commitment, and investment of ourselves to grow in this role. But we must remember that God wants us to be good examples for our children—and their spiritual fathers will lead them into a deeper relationship with Him as well. The Lord has given each one of us unique gifts, talents, and abilities that He wants us to use for His glory. In order for us stay connected with Him however, we need others who can help guide us along the way by sharing their own experiences and wisdom with us so that we may learn from them too!

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