How to Overcome the Scarcity Mindset : Sarah Jakes Roberts and Shannon Brown

Sarah Jakes Roberts & Shannon Brown How to Overcome the Scarcity Mindset :

Watch Sarah Jakes Roberts and Shannon Brown Sermon on how to overcome scarcity mentality.

The daughter of Bishop TD Jakes and wife of Pastor Toure Roberts, Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts has in collaboration with Shannon Brown have come through with this wonderful message titled ”How to overcome scarcity mentality”. This is a very educative and insightful session that you cannot afford to miss.

“Access to the lifestyle that you want, first it starts with overcoming a scarcity mindset. Check out the barriers that Shannon Brown shares with SJR that have succeeded in getting us to settle. Let’s stop settling for safe and begin to bet on ourselves to do all the things we truly desire.

Kindly watch this sermon and learn how to overcome the scarcity mindset and as you do so, may God take away any form of scarcity from your life.

Video Ctedit: Sarah Jakes Roberts Youtube 



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