How to Forgive Without an Apology : Sarah Jakes Roberts and Nona Jones

Sarah Jakes Roberts Sermon 2022 How to Forgive without an apology: 

The senior pastor of ONE (Potter’s House Church) and the founder of Women Evolve, Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts in collaboration with Nona Jones have come through with this wonderful and inpsiring sermon titled ” How to forgive without an apology”.

This is a unique and interesting sermon that you would enjoy listening to.

“What do you do when forgiveness is necessary for your healing but it doesn’t begin with an apology? Nona Jones has an answer that’s helped her heal mother wounds and you need to hear it!

Kindly Watch as Nona Jones discuses her healing from mother wounds and learn how to heal without necessarily being apologized to.

Video credit : Sarah Jakes Roberts Youtube

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