Sarah Jakes Roberts: How To Discover God After Church Hurt

Sarah Jakes Roberts How To Discover God After Church Hurt : Sarah Jakes Roberts shares this session with Jay Barnett and a message titled “How To Discover God After Church Hurt”. In this message, Jay Barnett is transparent about how church hurt impacted his relationship with God and the revelation that helped him to rediscover God in spite of previous trauma. Jay and SJR also chat about mental health, relationships, and so much more.

She said that one of the things he said about his father was that he was an awesome man of God but he wasn’t the best father. Sarah thinks a lot of pk’s can relate to the fact of idolizing their fathers because of what they do on Sunday and reconciling it with what happens Monday through Saturday.

Sarah asked if you do not lose your relationship with God when you see an up close front and center view of the hypocrisy of faith or the hypocrisy of church?

Watch and learn from this message by Sarah Jakes Roberts and Jay Barnett “How To Discover God After Church Hurt” as we bring the latest messages from Sarah Jakes Roberts to you.

Credit: Sarah Jakes Roberts YouTube



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