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Sarah Jakes Roberts Sermon : How To Be Supportive Instead Of Controlling

    Sarah Jakes Roberts and Khadeen Ellis message 2022 : It is one thing to be supportive to our loved ones and another thing to be in control of them and their decision. As much as we love people, we must not always assume that we know what is best for them at all times. Support their decisions rather than make their decisions for them.

    Sarah Jakes Roberts in collaboration with  Khadeen Ellis share this new message titled “How To Be Supportive Instead Of Controlling” .

    The duo in this message stated that the  line between supportive and controlling gets blurred when you think you know what’s best for someone you love. As much as we love people and feel we know what is best for them, it is better to be supportive ion what they come up with as being best to them rather than assuming that we know what is best for them.

    Most times what we feel is best for our loved ones are in fact not. Be willing and ready to support a loved one rather than being controlling over them.

    Khadeen Ellis and Sarah share advice on how to be a supportive sibling without taking control.

    In this message, Sarah Jakes Roberts and Khadeen Ellis made it clear that there is such a fine line between being someone’s support system and being their controller, being in charge of their decision making. A lot of times we say we’re there for you but it’s as long as you’re living your life according to the way that we think you should live it. She said the moment that you step out of those boundaries of what we think you should be doing … you no longer have our support and that’s why relationships especially with family can get very precarious. When you tell someone you’re there for them you have to mean it even if the person makes a decision you don’t agree with.

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    Watch and learn from this message by Sarah Jakes Roberts and Khadeen Ellis “How To Be Supportive Instead Of Controlling” and assume the position of a supported rather than a controller and decision  maker to someone and stay tuned as we bring the latest messages from Pastors around the globe to you.

    Credit: Sarah Jakes Roberts YouTube

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