Rule Your Day Challenge, Day 3 | Joel Osteen

Rule Your Day Challenge Day 3 Joel Osteen : The lead pastor of Lakewood church, Pastor Joel Osteen  and his wife Victoria Osteen has come up with the Day 3 of the Rule your day challenge .

In this episode of rule your day challenge, you will discover 6 simple keys to walk in greater peace, freedom, and victory From Joel’s new book, Rule Your Day: 6 Keys for Maximizing Your Effectiveness and Accelerating Your Dreams.

The rule your day Challenge is a special program design by Joel Osteen ministries to teach us the simple steps to manage, organise and be in control of our days.

This is a program you cannot afford to miss. Kindly join, watch and learn from this Rule your day challenge. May God bless his words in our hearts for a better fruit.

Credit : Joel Osteen youtube





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