The Return of the gods: Rabbi Jonathan Cahn Reveals the 3 Dark Forces Tied to America’s Downfall

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn Message The return of ther gods : Watch and learn from this message by the American Messianic Jewish minister, author, and novelist and the head of the Beth Israel Worship Center congregation, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, as he Reveals the 3 Dark Forces Tied to America’s Downfall.

This is just one message by Jonathan Cahn that you cannot afford to miss.

Teaching on this message, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn started by saying , What do the gods of ancient days have to do with the immorality taking place in our nation today? Rabbi Jonathan Cahn shares gripping revelation from his unreleased book “The Return of the Gods” as he details the 3 dark forces responsible for our cultural demise and the one thing that needs to happen to turn things around in this critical hour!

Kindly watch and learn from this mysterious message by Jonathan Cahn and as you do so, may God bless his words in your heart and grant youn all your heart desires.

Video credit : Daystar Youtube



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