Prayers For The New Year

New Year’s Eve is a time to reflect on the past year and look forward to the new year. It’s also a time for prayer. This is my go-to list of prayers for all occasions—from personal, spiritual needs to thanks for blessings in life and beyond.

Prayers For The New Year

A Prayer for a Healthy New Year

  • Thank God for the health you have.
  • Ask God to help you take care of your body in ways that are pleasing to Him.
  • Pray for a year free of illness, accidents and pain.

A Prayer for the New Year to Be Filled with Love


It is with great love and gratitude that I reach out to you on this day. I pray for love to be the greatest of all gifts for each person in my life. I want them to know how much they are loved and appreciated by me.

I pray that everyone who knows me will feel loved by me so they can feel safe and happy. I want them to know that they have a place where they belong where they will always be accepted and loved unconditionally without judgment or expectation of anything in return.

I ask that you help me let go of any resentment toward others who have hurt or offended me this past year so we may begin anew with no bitterness between us, but instead filled with hope and joy at what lies ahead together as friends rather than enemies forever separated due to past resentments which cannot bring either positive change nor contentment into our lives now or ever again!

A Prayer to Thank God for the Past Year

Thank God for the past year.

  • Thank God for the things that happened in the past year.
  • Thank God for the things that didn’t happen.
  • Thank God for the things that you learned from last year and how they will help you in this new year ahead of you.
  • Thank God for the people who were there for you when times got tough, or when someone passed away, or when someone went through a difficult situation themselves and needed support during their time of need (and if there is no one specifically who comes to mind right now, think about what kind of person would have helped out had they been around).
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A Prayer to Keep You Safe in the New Year

In the new year, I pray that you will be safe. God is your protector and shield. He is your refuge and strength; he is your deliverer, fortress, and tower of salvation. God blesses those who trust in him with peace beyond understanding!

A Prayer of Thanks While Looking Forward

Dear God,

As we look back on the past year and prepare for a new one, we thank you for all we have. We are grateful for our families, friends and loved ones’ health, comfort and safety. We thank you for all of our blessings—the good times and the challenging ones that tested us but made us stronger in your eyes. As we look ahead to this coming year with hope and excitement, we ask that you continue to be with us as we make plans together to build a better future. May your grace guide them along as they work toward their goals so that they may achieve success in their endeavors. In Jesus’ name I pray: AMEN

A Prayer of Restoration for the New Year

As we enter the New Year, may God give you the strength to overcome any challenges that come your way.

May He give you the wisdom to make right decisions.

May he give you the ability to forgive those who have hurt or wronged you.

May he give you the courage to move on and let go of past hurts and pains so they do not hinder your future relationships with others, especially family members and loved ones.

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And may He also take away whatever pain or sadness may be causing stress in your life at present time so that it does not interfere with enjoying this wonderful new year!

A Prayer for a New Year of God’s Favor

Father, we thank you for the gift of life. Thank you for allowing us another year to continue our journey of faith.

We pray that this new year will be filled with your Holy Spirit and Your favor. We ask that through Jesus Christ we may have salvation, eternal life and abundant blessings in every area of our lives.

Lord God of all creation, we ask that You would help us as individuals seek out ways to serve others in need during this new year. We pray that everyone would have an opportunity to reach out to those around them with acts of kindness or service so they may know they are not alone in their struggles or challenges but can find comfort through fellowship with fellow believers who accept them unconditionally as part of their family by accepting Christ’s forgiveness on behalf (Romans 3:23).

A Prayer for Hope and a Fresh Start in the New Year

God is the source of hope. God can do anything, and he will never leave us or forsake us. God is the giver of all good things, including hope!

God has given you a fresh start in this new year, so let’s make a plan to use it for his glory!

Let’s pray together that he will give us strength and wisdom as we set our sights on him this year, knowing that he has big plans for us as individuals and for his church as a whole.

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A Prayer for Joy in the New Year

As you enter into the new year, I pray that you will experience the joy of God.

This is a gift from God that cannot be bought or sold. It is an expression of His favor and an indication of His presence in your life.

Joy is also evidence of victory over the enemy’s efforts to destroy you; it is a sign of God’s power working in your life.

God can do anything.

God can do anything.

God can help you in any situation.

God will help you in the New Year.

God will help you to be successful in the New Year.

God will help you to be happy in the New Year


Most people make resolutions for the new year and then forget about them. But if you want to be different this year, why not start by praying with these prayers? It will help you to keep your focus on God’s love and grace as well as give Him thanks for all His blessings.

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