The United States is a country that has been shaped by many forces over the course of its existence. The Declaration of Independence and Constitution are two big ones. But so too is the power of prayer. These songs give expression to some of America’s most beloved prayers, whether they be for nation or for personal wellbeing.


Nation-Prayer for America – Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson is an American country music singer and songwriter. He is known for blending traditional honky tonk, rock, blues, and even pop in his songs to create a style that has been given the term “grits or gravel” by his fans and critics.

Jackson has recorded 16 studio albums, three greatest hits albums, two Christmas albums, one acoustic album and one gospel album with total sales of over 40 million records worldwide. In addition to these recordings he has written several novels including Homegrown (2006) which he co-wrote with author Wally Amos. He also wrote Man’s Mythic Adventure (2008), an illustrated children’s book about basic values such as love, honesty and friendship.

Thank God for Kids – KENNY CHESNEY

  • Thank God for Kids – KENNY CHESNEY
  • Song written by Billy Ray Cyrus
  • Released in 1991, to celebrate the birth of his daughter
  • Hit #1 on US, Canada and Australian charts
  • Nominated for a Grammy; title track of Chesney’s 1991 album

Before The Next Teardrop Falls – Freddie Fender

Before The Next Teardrop Falls is a song written by Bob McDill, and recorded by Freddie Fender in 1975. It was released as a single from his album of the same name, “Before The Next Teardrop Falls,” and reached #2 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart. It also peaked at #17 on the Billboard Hot 100, #5 on the Canadian RPM Country Tracks chart and #10 in Ireland.

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It is one of many songs to have been covered by numerous artists over time; other versions include those by George Jones (1978), Alabama (1991), Jo Dee Messina (1999) and Tim McGraw (2005). In addition to its success as a country hit, it has also been used in movies such as “The Big Lebowski” (1998), “Lonesome Dove” (1989) and “All She Wrote” (2010).

Gone Country – ALAN JACKSON

You may have heard a song by Alan Jackson called “Gone Country” on the radio. It’s a country song, and it feels like a prayer. The music is easy to listen to, but the lyrics are powerful enough to make you stop and think about what they mean. Here’s some of the song’s lyrics:

In this world full of people

We can’t get along with each other

But there’ll come a time when we’ll find love again in God above us

And there’ll be peace on earth for all mankind

So now I’m gone find my way back home again

Stand By Your Man – Tammy Wynette

The lyrics are as follows:

  • Stand by your man, give him two arms to cling to. Stand by your man, and show the world you love him. Give him two arms to cling to, stand by your man.
  • When you get a good feelin’, don’t let go too fast, ’cause he might be the one who’ll last. His love is strong enough for you, so keep on tryin’ though it’s hard with all these tears in your eyes etc…

The Scientist – Coldplay

The Scientist is a song written by the British rock band Coldplay. Released in 2002, it was included on their debut album Parachutes.

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The song was written after one of the band members had a near-death experience while scuba diving in Australia. As such, it has been described as “a prayer” or “a song about faith”. The band’s drummer Will Champion played on this track and he has said that the recording of it brought him to tears because he couldn’t believe how good his playing sounded on this particular song.

In 2003, Coldplay performed The Scientist at their first Grammy Awards appearance where they won Best New Artist and Best Rock Song for “Clocks”, beating out several other nominees including Foo Fighters who also had a nomination for best rock song at that year’s ceremony but lost out narrowly to Coldplay who took home both awards with ease despite being newcomers on stage just three years prior (and not even being nominated).

Stand Tall – Burton Cummings

Stand Tall is a song composed by Burton Cummings and originally performed by The Guess Who on their 1969 album Wheatfield Soul. It was later covered by country singer Kellie Coffey, who released it as the third single from her 1993 debut album, Unbelievable Moment.

“Stand Tall” is about standing up for yourself, your rights and your beliefs no matter what others may say or do. You should stand tall when faced with adversity because you know that your values are strong enough to carry you through any challenge in life.

God Bless the USA (Lee Greenwood)

God Bless the USA is a patriotic song written and performed by American country music singer Lee Greenwood. The song was originally released in 1984, but it was re-released in 2001 following the September 11 attacks. It has since become one of the most well-known songs about patriotism and American pride, especially at sporting events.

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A collection of nation-prayers.

  • A collection of nation-prayers.
  • Ashanti – The end of me
  • Chaka Khan – I’m every woman
  • Rihanna – Diamonds, pearls, and rubies (song)
  • Queen Latifah – U.N.I.T.Y., written by hip hop group 3rd Bass


These songs are all classics. They are great examples of how people can come together and use their influence to change the world. I hope that you enjoy listening to these as much as I do!

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