Mothers’ Day Prayer

Mothers are special. They are the only ones who will be there for you through thick and thin. You can’t always count on fathers, siblings, or friends to be there for you like your mom is. That’s why moms deserve extra attention on Mothers Day and every day of the year!

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Mothers’ Day Prayer

1. Dear Lord, we want to thank You for the women in our lives.

Dear Lord, we want to thank You for women in our lives.

Women are special. We know this because there is no man who can do what a woman does. Women are different from men, and we need them around us to remind us of that fact. They are good for us and our children, families, and communities because they bring balance to society through their unique abilities as mothers and wives, daughters and sisters.

The world needs more women! We ask that You bless the women in our lives by helping them recognize Your divine purpose for them: being a blessing to others through love, care, and nurturing

2. Thank you for creating them

Thank you for creating them.

Thank you for causing them to be born.

Thank you for blessing us with their presence every day of our lives.

Thank you for the joy they find in helping others, even when it’s not convenient or comfortable.

Thank you for the light they see in any circumstance, no matter how dark it may seem to us.

3. Thank you for causing them to be born,

As we approach Mother’s Day, it’s important to remember the many blessings that God has given us. We have all been blessed with our mothers and their love, support, and guidance over the years.

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As children grow older, they develop into individuals who have their own set of talents and skills. They also may have interests or hobbies that you never imagined for them when they were younger. Some children make great athletes while others are excellent artists. Others enjoy playing musical instruments or going on long hikes through nature with friends and family members. Whatever their passions are at any given point in life, we should be thankful for them as well as all of God’s creations around us—especially our mothers!

We thank you, Lord Jesus Christ, for giving us good health so that we can enjoy life, even more, each day without being sick or having other medical issues which would prevent us from doing so.

4. And for blessing us with their presence.

We are grateful for their presence. We are grateful for their love. We are grateful for their sacrifices, the daily sacrifices they make that we take for granted and don’t even notice. We’re also grateful for the big sacrifices they’ve made in order to be there when we needed them most—whether it was sitting by our bedside during a long hospital stay or helping care for us as we grew up.

We’re grateful because of how much they’ve given to us, but even more so because of how much they have given up on our behalf: time spent away from friends and family; opportunities lost due to missed meetings, events, or other obligations; personal pursuits put aside in favor of spending time with us instead.

We realize that mothers give up a lot so that their children can experience joys which may not always come easily—but if you ask any mother what she would do differently if she could go back in time, chances are she’ll say nothing at all! She loves being a mother and wouldn’t change anything about her decision-making process or her actions throughout her child’s life…and sometimes this means sacrificing another job opportunity or taking an extra shift at work so you can sleep well at night knowing everything is okay back home with your mommy who loves only making sure everyone else around her is happy and healthy too!

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5. We are eternally grateful for mothers.

As one of God’s chosen people, you have the privilege of praying to and praising Him every day. If you are fortunate enough to be a mother as well, take heart in knowing that your responsibilities are not in vain; for He has blessed you with immeasurable love and wisdom. Spending time in prayer with your children is essential for their growth and development, but also serves as an opportunity for both of you to forge a closer relationship with God. So when those endless hours at home start weighing down on your shoulders, dedicate some time each day for both prayer and meditation together.

As mothers throughout history have come before us—each doing their best in spite of obstacles—we can find comfort knowing that our role contributes something significant toward God’s plan for humanity (Luke 2:51). As Christ, Himself said: “Let the little children come unto me.” (Mark 10:14).

6. For the joy, they find in helping others.

For the joy, they find in helping others.

For the joy, they feel when their children get married.

For the joy, they have when they say “I love you” to their spouse, friends, and family members.

For the joy, they have when helping someone in need with a smile on their face because that little act of kindness makes them happy too!

7. The light they see in any circumstance.

You see the good in others, and they see the good in you.

You see the good in yourself, and they see the good in you.

They all see how much you care about them, and they’re grateful for it.

Because of this beautiful cycle of goodness that goes around, everyone’s life has a little more light to it than it did before–especially your own!

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8. Their selfless devotion to the people they love.

  • “selfless devotion” refers to the act of devoting oneself without expecting anything in return, which is a common trait of mothers.
  • For example, when a mom starts crying at a movie and doesn’t want to be seen by her kids, she will do whatever it takes to make sure they don’t see her tears (even if that means hiding behind the curtain). She does this out of love and concern for them, not because she wants any recognition for her actions.

9. And their sacrifices that benefit those they care about most.

And their sacrifices that benefit those they care about most.

They sacrifice time, energy, and treasure for their children. They sacrifice sleep, sanity, and sometimes even health for the good of their family.

They devote hours upon hours to serving at church or in community organizations. They give freely to those around them without expecting anything in return because that’s what you do when you love someone—you give them what they need without question.

10. For all these things, we give You praise and honor this day, amen.

Bless your mother and help her to be a blessing to others. Help her to see the value in the lives of the people around her, and teach her to do good things for them that they may not even know about.

Enable her to be an example of what it means to live as a Christian in our world today. We ask that You would bless all mothers everywhere—not just our own mothers, but those who are struggling with difficulties or who may never have known Your love before this day and time.


May this Mother’s Day be a beautiful time of celebration, thanking God for all He has done and will do in our lives. He knows how much we love our mothers and daughters, wives and sisters. May He bless them with many years of happiness, good health, and prosperity.

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