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Joyce Meyer Daily Devotionals June 3 2022 : Living in the Now

    Joyce Meyer Daily Devotionals June 3 2022 :

    Today (now) we have faith that God will take care of any mistakes we made yesterday and that He holds tomorrow in His hand. This alone allows us to enjoy and live fully today. Today is the gift we have from God. To miss the joy and opportunities it holds due to regret over the past or dread of the future is not God’s will for us.

    True faith must always operate in the “now” season of our lives, and faith alone enables us to be at peace and enjoy the present moment. Everything is in God’s hands, and He has a good plan for each of us (see Jeremiah 29:11). Rather than dreading or feeling apprehensive about the future, we can live with expectancy regarding it.

    Expect something good to happen to you and through you. As you do, you will find a joy that only God can give coursing through your soul. Let go of what lies behind (see Isaiah 43:18–19; Philippians 3:13–14) because God is doing something amazing in you and in your life right now, and you don’t want to miss it!

    Prayer Starter: Father, teach me to live fully in the now season of my life. Help me to trust You to work something good out of anything I might regret from my past and to trust that my future holds something wonderful. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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