Joyce Meyer Daily Devotionals August 9 2022 : Go the Extra Mile

Joyce Meyer Daily Devotionals August 9 2022 :

It is very easy to be a mediocre person. All you have to do is make no extra effort of any kind and compromise all of your beliefs. If you compromise, it means you do a little less than you know is right and proper; but to be excellent means to do a little more than you might have to in order to get by—it means going the extra mile.

Peace is one of the greatest rewards you receive when you make an effort to do things the way you know they should be done. Choose the more excellent way, and then you will find that God’s peace is yours.

Prayer Starter: Lord, I don’t want to be a mediocre person. I want to be a person who walks in excellence every single day. Please help me always go the extra mile, amen.

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