In Our Waiting God Is Working

The most difficult thing about waiting is that it feels like wasted time. You’re just sitting around and doing nothing, right? It’s not productive or meaningful, but what else can you do? If this describes your experience with waiting—or even if it doesn’t—I have some good news for you: Waiting is not a waste of time. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Waiting is actually an opportunity to prepare ourselves for what God wants us to do next in life.

In Our Waiting God Is Working

Waiting seems useless. I’ve never felt like I’m good at it.

Waiting can seem like a waste of time. If you’re good at waiting, you’re probably not good at it because most people are not good at waiting. It’s hard to trust that God is working when nothing seems to be happening and there doesn’t appear to be any progress being made. But when we understand the purpose of waiting on God, our perspective changes from frustrated impatience to grateful expectation.

Waiting on God is not just about what happens in the future or what will change about your circumstances; it’s also about how those things affect your heart and mind during the present moment. Waiting gives us an opportunity to reflect on all that God has done for us, from our last breath until now—and even before then! In fact, as Paul tells us: “The sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us” (Romans 8:18). The story is far from over—and neither should our gratitude!

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We’re waiting for traffic to clear on the highway.

  • We’re waiting for traffic to clear on the highway.
  • The road ahead is dotted with brake lights and the occasional car creeping forward. You’re not in control of these cars, but you can control your attitude as you wait in line. It’s okay to be frustrated or annoyed when things don’t flow as quickly as we’d like them to, but it’s not productive if we get angry at other drivers or let our emotions get the best of us (especially if we have kids in the car). Instead, take this opportunity to practice patience and contentment while waiting on God’s timing instead of trying to rush everyone else around us. And who knows? Maybe there will be an opportunity during this delay for some intercession prayer!

Light a candle, make some tea and wait.

Light a candle and make some tea. Then wait. Wait for God to work. It can be hard when you want something so badly, but He’s working in His own time. You may not see the results right away, but remember that He works in mysterious ways!

Waiting is not a waste of time.

Waiting is a time of preparation for God. If you are waiting for someone to call you back, then you are waiting on them to do something. But if you are waiting on God, it is because He has something in mind that can only be accomplished by His timing and power. Waiting isn’t a waste of time or energy; rather, it’s an opportunity for growth and preparation.

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Waiting on God requires us to trust him even when we don’t understand what he’s doing in our lives or why He hasn’t answered our prayers already (James 1:5). We must be willing to wait patiently because we know that “the Lord delights in those who fear Him” (Psalm 147:11).

Waiting can feel frustrating and purposeless, but it’s during these times that God is preparing us for what’s next.

Waiting can feel frustrating and purposeless, but it’s during these times that God is preparing us for what’s next.

In our waiting, we often turn to other things for purpose. We try to focus on positive distractions in order to pass the time. We look at our phones, watch TV, read books or magazines—anything to distract ourselves from what’s really going on in our lives: we’re waiting. But this is when God is doing His work in us and preparing a plan for our life (Jeremiah 29:11).

Waiting can be a time of preparation for God

Waiting is not a waste of time. God uses our waiting time to prepare us for what is to come. Waiting can be a time of deep reflection and meditation on what we have learned in previous seasons of life, or it can be a time of anticipation as we eagerly anticipate the next event in our lives (1 Peter 1:13). As you wait for God’s perfect timing and plan for your life, remember that He has something wonderful planned for you!


It’s important to remember that God is in control, and this means he can use the waiting time in our lives for good. Waiting allows us to be more receptive to what God is doing in our lives and helps us grow closer to him.

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