Humble Servanthood

Whether you’re a parent, employee, church member, or just someone who wants to be a better friend and neighbor, how can you serve others in a way that’s humble? It all starts with the example of Jesus Christ. As the Bible says: “Christ emptied himself and took on the form of a servant” (Philippians 2:7). His example shows us how to serve one another with humility. Here are four ways to follow his lead as we seek to be humble servants in our families, churches, communities, workplaces—and everywhere else we go.

Humble Servanthood

Humbly Serve According to Your God-Given Abilities

To be a servant, you need to be humble. You can’t serve people if you’re not humble. Even if you are the greatest person in the world, if your heart is filled with pride, you won’t be able to serve anyone because pride will prevent you from seeing clearly what others need and how best to help them.

The word “humble” means “lowly.” It does not mean weak or timid; it means having an accurate perception of one’s own worth in relation to others’. If you have a sense that God has given specific gifts for serving Him and other people, then humility will keep those gifts from becoming too important in your eyes. You’ll use them graciously out of love instead of selfishly with an eye towards getting attention or receiving praise for being good at what God gave them.

Also remember that humility means giving yourself away; it doesn’t mean feeling sorry for yourself or needing constant reassurance that everything is okay when things aren’t going well (e.g., asking someone else how their day is going after telling them about yours). Humility helps us live honestly without needing constant validation from other people—which frees us up so we can focus on serving others!

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Do What You Know is Right and Pleasing to God

To be humble, you must do what is right and pleasing to God. This means not doing things that are against your beliefs, morals, values or principles. It also means not doing things that go against your standards.

Aim to Manifest the Fruit of the Spirit in Your Service

  • Love
  • Joy
  • Peace
  • Patience
  • Kindness
  • Goodness (also translated as gentleness or goodness)
  • Faithfulness (also translated as faith)
  • Gentleness (submission to God)

This list of fruit is not just for those who consider themselves Christian. Rather, the Bible encourages us all to cultivate these fruits by reflecting on our own lives and asking ourselves how we can do better in each area.

Keep Christ’s Example Before You When Serving Others

When you practice humility, you are not a doormat. You are not a pushover. You are not a slacker or someone who doesn’t care about doing their job well.

Jesus was humble, but he served with passion and purpose. He worked hard on behalf of others and did it with joy in his heart.

You can be humble and lead by example at work by doing things like:

  • Treating everyone with respect (even people who don’t deserve it)
  • Doing your job well and helping others when they need your help (in fact, Jesus would have been happy to clean the floors for money if that had been part of the deal)

To serve others humbly, follow Jesus’ example.

If we are to serve others humbly, we must follow Jesus’ example. He was humble and full of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness and goodness. He was true to himself—and He gave His life serving others.

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In order to live as Jesus did in humble service, you need:

  • Humility (a desire to serve others)
  • Love (for yourself and for others)
  • Joy (in working together with God)


Following the example of Christ, we can humbly serve others by doing what God has given us to do. We can be mindful of our own weaknesses and selfishness, but also confident in the ability that comes from Him alone. And we can aim to manifest the fruit of the Spirit as we serve others—and as we ask for His help!



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