How To Seek The Lord

I want to share with you today how to seek the Lord. I am going to talk about what it means to put God first in your life, and how scripture tells us we should seek after Him. This is a very important topic, because without seeking God, you won’t know Him. And if you don’t know Him, then how can you love Him? So I will be sharing with you some tips on how you can make sure that every day of your life is focused on seeking the Lord.

How To Seek The Lord

Seek God With All Your Heart

The Bible says to “seek the LORD with all your heart.”

But what does that mean? And how do you do it?

To seek God is to desire Him, long for Him, and seek His presence. In other words, it’s all about your attitude toward God.

Seek God And Put Him First

When you seek God and put him first, everything else will fall into place. He is the center of our lives and all that we do should be done in his honor. He is the source of all things and without him, we cannot live or succeed in life. God is the beginning and end; he created us before time began and will continue to sustain us after time has ended. He’s also the Alpha (first) and the Omega (last). In fact, he’s even more than that: God is also known as The Father, The Son (Jesus), and The Holy Spirit!

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Be Continuous In Seeking The Lord

You must be persistent in your prayers and study of the word. You must also be consistent in your service, relationship, walk with God and Jesus.

Be persistent in seeking Him at all times; He will show Himself to you.

Be Obedient To God’s Word

God’s Word is the ultimate authority in our lives. It is the source of all knowledge, wisdom and understanding. God’s Word is the standard by which we live; it contains all that we need to know about life on this earth, as well as life after death. The Bible tells us what we should believe and how we should behave; it provides us with guidance for every situation that we will face during our lifetime. In addition to providing guidance for our daily lives, God’s Word also gives us hope by telling us about heaven—a place where there will be no pain or sorrow, but instead only peace and joy forevermore (John 14:2).

The Bible tells us about a Savior who came down from heaven so that He could die on a cross as payment for our sins (Romans 5:8). If you ask Him into your heart today through faith in His finished work on Calvary’s cross then you too can know Him as Lord over your life!

Seek Jesus In Every Season Of Life

We can’t forget that the Lord is with us, in every season of life. The Lord is with us when we are going through trials and suffering, as well as when we are experiencing joy. The Lord cares for and loves each one of us more than we can imagine. He knows every detail about our lives and He wants to be involved in everything that happens to us – even the hard things! We don’t have to go through anything alone because Jesus is with us always!

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Learn how you can seek the Lord in your life.

In the bible, these are the things we are told to seek. We are to seek God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. When you first start seeking God it will be hard but don’t be discouraged if you can’t feel him right away or even after weeks or months of seeking him because it will get easier as you grow closer to Him.


In all of this, we encourage you to seek Jesus. No matter what season of life you’re in, this is the best way to seek the Lord and get closer to Him.

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