How To Love Difficult People

When we interact with a difficult person, it can be easy to write them off and ignore what they have to say. While some people are certainly unkind, the most hateful words can come from the most damaged hearts. When you love a person despite their flaws, you show them the kind of love that has nothing to do with their upstanding qualities or lack thereof. You mirror the unconditional love that God has for each and every individual regardless of how loving they appear to be on the surface.

How To Love Difficult People

Unconditional love is hard when it comes to difficult people.

Unconditional love is a type of love that transcends certain conditions. It means that you love someone despite their flaws, mistakes, or shortcomings. You unconditionally accept them for who they are and treat them with kindness regardless of what they do or say.

Unconditional love can seem impossible when it comes to difficult people because our natural instinct is to fight against those who don’t respect us or care about our feelings at all times. But if we want to truly be happy in our relationships with others and ourselves, we need unconditional acceptance from others so that we can be happy on the inside too!

When you don’t know whether or not to love a difficult person, pray.

When you don’t know whether or not to love a difficult person, pray.

The first thing to do when you are facing a difficult relationship is to pray for wisdom and clarity on how you should respond. Pray for the other person—that God would help them see their sin and repent of it, then help them grow in holiness so they don’t continue making the same mistakes in the future. Pray for yourself—that God would lead you away from bitterness towards people who have hurt or offended you and into forgiveness and even loving kindness toward those who have wronged you (Romans 12:18).

Finally, pray for your relationship with this difficult person. Ask God what He wants from this relationship; ask Him how he wants us both to respond toward one another; ask Him if there’s anything that needs to change between us both before we can truly experience love together as Christians (Matthew 18:15-17).

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Self-doubt can keep you from loving difficult people.

Self-doubt is a common problem that can plague even the best of us. It can make it hard to love others, and often prevents us from getting close to those who need it most. If you’re dealing with this issue in your own life, there are some things you can do to help yourself overcome self-doubt and start loving others.

  • Take time for yourself: It’s important to take time away from difficult people if they’re causing you too much stress or anxiety. This may mean taking a break from talking on the phone or spending time together in person until you feel like yourself again.
  • Talk about it: If you don’t feel like taking a break from them just yet, try talking about how they make you feel at least once every other day so that the message has an opportunity sink in before your next conversation or encounter with them begins again (but only if there isn’t any danger involved).

Noticing the good in those around you helps to see them as God sees them.

Love is not just a feeling or emotion, but it is an action that requires effort and time. When you love someone, you don’t focus on their negative qualities. Instead, you look for the good in them and try to find ways to encourage them to be better versions of themselves. You also don’t assume that you know everything about the person. Asking questions can help you understand their perspective better and give them an opportunity to communicate with others who are important in their lives.

In addition, love isn’t judgmental; rather love accepts all people as they are without comparing ourselves to others. We should never try to control another person’s actions because only God has the power over life and death (Romans 14:7).

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If you don’t feel like you can love a difficult person, pray for their heart instead.

When you feel like you can’t love a difficult person, pray for their heart instead.

Pray that they would be willing to accept God’s love instead of rejecting it, or that they would be willing to receive God’s forgiveness and mercy if they’ve wronged others.

Pray for the people around them who are suffering because of the person’s actions, and also for those who may have been hurt by them in some way. Pray for their family members and friends as well—that they might know God’s grace too!

Loving difficult people might take time, but it’s an investment that is worth your while.

Loving difficult people might take time, but it’s an investment that is worth your while.

It’s worth the effort. There will be times when you have to give more than you get back from someone who is difficult for you to love. You might have to go out of your way, put in extra hours and make sacrifices in order to show them love and kindness. This can feel like a lot of work at first glance because we often want things that are easy and quick—like instant results or immediate gratification—but doing good things for others shouldn’t be reduced down into just checking off a box on some task list or forgetting about all the hard work involved until we’ve moved onto something else entirely (or worse yet, never looking back).

It’s worth the wait. While there may be moments where loving someone who is difficult feels like an uphill battle, there are also times when those same people come around and reciprocate those acts of kindness with their own little ways of showing appreciation that can make all that effort worthwhile in the end! The fact remains though: none of us knows exactly how long it will take before another person sees our efforts as worthy enough for them to change their ways or reach out towards us again; however long it takes – whether days/weeks/months/years – don’t give up hope! Because sometimes this patience pays off beautifully… sooner rather than later 😉

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It’s worth investing yourself fully into relationships even though they might not always seem worth it right away.. When one thing doesn’t work out as planned (and let me tell ya: nothing ever goes according to plan), try something else instead! Don’t give up on relationships because they’re not quite where I wanted them yet–instead keep pushing forward until something better comes along 🙂 This isn’t just advice applicable only towards romantic relationships either; friendships need nurturing too!,

Whether or not they are difficult, people need our love and prayers.

Whether or not they are difficult, people need our love and prayers.

Love is a choice. Love is a decision. And sometimes, love is a sacrifice. We may have to make sacrifices in order to show the love of God to those around us who don’t seem like they want it most of the time!

Love is something we can give freely and generously without even thinking about it because it just feels so good when you do! But if someone does not respond well, then maybe that’s their problem and not yours!


Love is not easy, but it is necessary for our relationship with God and others. When we realize that loving difficult people is an act of worship to God, we can begin to see these relationships in a new light. We might not always be able to love someone right away, but through prayer we can ask that God continues to work on our hearts and reveals more of His heart towards them.



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