How To Lead The Lord’s Supper

If you’ve been assigned to lead The Lord’s Supper at a church service, this guide is for you. Leading The Lord’s Supper can be an exciting opportunity to share your faith with others and get closer to God in the process. But it also comes with responsibilities: after all, you’re not only leading a spiritual activity, but also responsible for passing out food and drink! You may feel overwhelmed by the responsibility of hosting an event that many people consider one of the most sacred rituals of their faith. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to lead you through The Lord’s Supper step-by-step. By following our tips, you’ll be able to host your congregation without stress or anxiety—and maybe even enjoy yourself along the way!

How To Lead The Lord’s Supper

Read scripture

Read the scripture passage aloud. If you have a large group, consider reading the passage yourself so that everyone can hear it clearly. If you have a small group, read the passage out loud to each individual participant before breaking bread together.

Read the scripture passage slowly and deliberately. Don’t rush through it like a monotone robot; take your time and make sure everyone in attendance is able to understand what you’re saying for themselves.

Read the scripture passage reverently—with feeling! The Bible contains some beautiful poetry that should be read with emotion, passion, and sincerity; don’t forget this important step when leading The Lord’s Supper!


Now that you’re ready to begin, take a few moments to pray. Pray for the people in attendance and their needs, for God’s blessing on your leadership, and for the church as a whole. You may also want to pray for leaders in other churches, or even the leaders of our country.

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Pass the elements

Now that you’re standing, pass the elements to those who are sitting. It’s very important to know your audience and their needs before proceeding with the Lord’s Supper. You may need to determine if people are willing to eat or drink at this moment. Also, consider whether or not they are believers. If not, do not give them any elements of communion for it would be a sin for them to partake in something that is holy when they have not been baptized into Christ (Acts 2:38-47).

Take care with whom you pass the elements; do not pass them out indiscriminately!

Follow up with attendees

After the meeting, you should follow up with your attendees. This doesn’t mean that you have to call each person individually and ask them how their week was, but it does mean that you need to be available for them if they need anything.

If someone is feeling discouraged or struggling with something, offer help—for example, “I’m sorry about what happened this week.” Or: “How can I pray for you?” Or even: “I have an extra Bible if you’d like me to drop one off at your house.” If someone was there because of a specific challenge in their life (like illness or job loss), maybe offer encouragement by saying something like “It’ll get better.” If someone is going through a difficult time and they’re not sure why God hasn’t answered their prayers yet, encourage them by reminding them of what Psalm 37:4 says: “Delight yourself in the Lord; He will give you the desires of your heart” (NIV).

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Offer prayer during this phase as well; after all, prayer isn’t just something we do during church services—it’s something we do every day! And don’t forget that sometimes our greatest service is simply listening without judging; many times people just need someone who will listen without passing judgment on what they have done or haven’t done…

You can lead The Lord’s Supper by following these four steps.

To lead The Lord’s Supper, you will need to follow the following four steps:

  • Read the scripture passage that was chosen for that Sunday.
  • Pray for God’s blessing on this meal and for his guidance as you lead it.
  • Pass out bread and wine, taking care not to spill any of them on yourself or others in the room; also make sure everyone has something to drink (or juice) with their meal if they so choose! Remember that no one should be left out because they don’t have enough money to buy their own elements—the church should help those who cannot afford them get what they need so that all may eat together as equals under Christ’s kingdom (Ephesians 4:32). Additionally, make sure there is enough space around each table so that people can reach without bumping into each other or spilling onto other guests’ plates—this might mean moving tables closer together or even making more room by removing some chairs altogether if necessary (Matthew 22:4).


Leading The Lord’s Supper is an important responsibility. The best way to prepare for it is to read scripture, pray, and pass the elements. Be sure to follow up with attendees afterwards as well!

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