How To Improve Prayer Life

The prayer life of every Christian should be very important. Prayer helps you to grow as a person and it gives you an opportunity to develop a personal, meaningful relationship with God. Developing your prayer life is easy if you are consistent, honest, and willing to make time for God.

How To Improve Prayer Life

First, realize that prayer is a conversation with God.

The first step to improving your prayer life is to realize that prayer is a conversation with God. Prayer is not a lecture or monologue where you tell God what to do, but rather a dialogue where you talk to Him and He talks back. It’s not just one way communication—it’s two-way communication between you and God.

Second, make time for prayer.

  • Prayer is a daily discipline
  • Prayer is a lifestyle
  • Prayer is a priority
  • Prayer is a priority over other things, people, and relationships

Third, be open and honest with God.

  • Tell God what you are going through. Let Him know that you are in need of His help.
  • Thank God for the things He has done for you, and tell Him how grateful you are that He is watching over you.
  • Let Jesus know what concerns you, or ask Him to help with a specific problem He can solve (like making it through school).
  • Let Jesus know what dreams and hopes fill your heart, and ask Him to help make them come true (for example: “Lord, please help me get into a good college”).
  • Ask Jesus for guidance on how best to live out your faith–how should I use my time at church? What does God want me to do when I reach high school?
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Fourth, ask for help.

Fourth, ask for help. If you’re praying but don’t feel like you are making any progress with your prayer life, there’s no shame in asking someone else to pray with you. You may want to ask a friend or family member who is known for their deep faith life and see if they would be willing to pray with you regularly—or even better yet, meet up at least once a month and commit yourselves to having an extended time of prayer together.

Another way that I have found helpful is using the app “Prayer” on my phone (also available on Apple Watch). This app lets me set goals for daily prayers so that I know what needs to be prayed about every day without having to keep track of these things myself and also makes it easy for me not only to look back at what was prayed about previously but also plan out future days’ worth of prayers as necessary.

Fifth, allow God to speak to you through prayer.

Praying is not merely a way to communicate with God, but it is also a way for God to speak to you. It is impossible for us to know what God wants us to do unless we ask him directly.

Every time I pray, I always expect something in return or at least an answer. However, God does not always give me the answers that I want or expect. However, this should not discourage me from praying because it simply means that my prayers were not according to the will of God and therefore rejected by him (Romans 8:28-30). Prayer allows us as humans to communicate with our Creator who loves us unconditionally and wants only our best interest at heart.

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Sixth, be consistent in your prayers.

Prayer is a daily discipline. It is not about the words you use as much as it is about your attitude and your heart. Prayer should not be done only when you feel like doing it. If you have been consistent in your prayers, but they just feel awkward and forced, then maybe the Lord is telling you that it’s time to take a step back and reevaluate what you are doing, or how often you are doing them.

Prayer should be more of a relationship than an event—it shouldn’t just be something we do once or twice a week (or month). We need to spend time with God every day so that He can show us what our next step will be in life, where He wants us to go next, etc; so that we can truly know Him better by spending time with Him on an intimate level each day.

Prayer offers many benefits

Prayer is the simplest and most direct way to communicate with God. When you pray, you are speaking directly to him. This connection gives us an opportunity to get to know him better and grow closer to him. It also helps us understand his word (the Bible) better, increases our gratitude for all he has done for us, and makes us more patient in waiting on him.


I hope that these six tips will help you improve your prayer life. Make time for it and be consistent, so that you can enjoy the benefits of prayer.

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