How To Get Back On Track With God

How To Get Back On Track With God

Get Your Mind Right

If you’ve been struggling with faith, there are certain things that you can do to get back in touch with God.

First, try to think about the good things in your life and focus on them. If you have a job or a family member who loves you, it’s important to remember those things whenever you’re feeling down about yourself or your life as a whole.

Next, be mindful of the present moment instead of dwelling on what has already happened and what could happen in the future. This will help keep your mind focused on the present so that when bad thoughts come up they don’t drag on forever and make matters worse than they already are (which often happens when we dwell too much on past mistakes).

Finally, try not to place blame or take responsibility for everything going wrong around us because some things just happen regardless of how hard we try or how much control over our lives we think we have; this helps re-establish trust between yourself and God since He knows better than anyone else exactly why bad things occur sometimes (if ever).

Forgive Yourself

To forgive yourself, you must first understand that it is a choice. You cannot be forced to do anything; forgiveness is not something that happens because it has to, but rather because you choose it to happen. Forgiveness is the process of letting go of the past and moving forward with your life. You can’t move forward with your life if all of your energy goes into holding onto things from times past. It’s time for you to let go and focus on what’s ahead of you instead: forgiving yourself and then moving on from there.

Fast & Pray

Fasting is not a punishment. It is a way to be closer to God and more aware of His presence in our lives. Fasting helps us to be more aware of our sin, because it forces us to realize how much we rely on food for comfort, which can sometimes lead us down paths that are not good for us or others (i.e., over-eating). Fasting also helps us become more aware of our need for God. When we fast, we learn how much we need Him as a source of strength and guidance so that we can overcome temptation or negative habits.

Get Around Godly People

It is crucial that you surround yourself with positive people. Instead of spending time around those who constantly complain or gossip, choose to be with people who lift you up and make you feel good about yourself.

When we are around negative people, it’s easy for us to start feeling bad about ourselves and our circumstances. If this sounds like something that happens in your life more often than not, it’s time to take action! Start making some changes today!

Read The Word

When you feel like you’re struggling to get back on track with God, the best thing to do is read the Bible. There are different ways to read the Bible:

  • Read the Bible in a different translation. There are many translations available today, so try reading it in a few different ones until you find one that speaks to your heart.
  • Read the Bible in a different language. If English isn’t your first language or if it has been some time since you last read it and need refreshing on how to pronounce certain words, switching over to another language can help out immensely!
  • Read the Bible in a different format. Many people choose hardcover Bibles because they feel more official than paperback ones, but each person has his or her preference when it comes down to what works best for them; maybe reading from an actual book isn’t right for someone who prefers using an online app instead? Whatever method works best for them should be encouraged at all times because personal preferences play such an important part within this process!

Be Committed

Be committed to God.

Be committed to your family.

Be committed to your friends.

Be committed to your job.

Be committed to your health and wellness.

Be committed to your education and spiritual growth (Bible study, prayer time).

We can get back on track with God no matter how far gone we think we are.

There is always hope for those who seek forgiveness, especially when God is involved. He has the power to forgive, and he can help you change your ways. Even if you feel like you’ve been going down the wrong path for years, there’s no need to despair because God will welcome you with open arms when you finally decide to turn back to him.


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