How To Find Strength In God

God is my strength, and I am nothing without him!

How To Find Strength In God

Gain knowledge about God

Learn about God. The more you know about God, the stronger your faith and trust will be in Him. He is a loving and merciful God who desires to forgive us and make life better for us. He is a God of justice and peace, love and hope, forgiveness and salvation. If you want to strengthen your relationship with Him and grow in His grace, then learn all that there is to know about Him!

Be ready for the challenges

Prepare yourself for the challenges that will come in your life. Accept that you will face challenges and learn how to accept them. It’s important to be prepared to face any challenge that may come your way, but it is even more important if you are a Christian.

To prepare yourself for these challenges, it is helpful to first think about what kind of person you are and what type of life experiences you have had. What types of things make you happy? What does your family or community look like? How did this affect your childhood development? Asking these questions can help get you started on understanding who God made each one of us as individuals and how we should live our lives in accordance with His will for us.

Once we have begun exploring our identities as Christians living under His guidance, we can turn our attention towards preparing ourselves spiritually by reading through Scripture and asking questions about what is being said there. This might seem intimidating at first—especially if English isn’t native language—but don’t give up! The Bible contains many powerful messages from God within its pages that provide invaluable insight into how He views each person individually (and not just historically), so don’t dismiss their importance just because they aren’t easy reads!

Surrender yourself to God and accept Jesus Christ into your life.

Surrender yourself to God. Accept Jesus Christ as your savior and be baptized in water.

The Bible tells us that the grace of God is for those who do not deserve it (Romans 5:20). It does not depend on our good works, but on God’s mercy (Ephesians 2:8-9). Therefore, if you are truly looking for strength in God, turn your life over to him by accepting Jesus Christ into your life. He promises that he will give you every power necessary to carry out his will (2 Peter 1:3-4).

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Accepting the pain

Accepting the pain is the first step to healing. If you are in pain and accept that fact, then you can move on to healing. There’s no sense in trying to change things if you’re not willing to accept them as they are.

Accepting your current situation is a way for you to be free from the negative effects of it. For example, if someone has an addiction that’s ruining their life, accepting this fact gives them freedom from their addiction because they don’t have any reason left not to give up on it since they’ve already accepted how bad things are.

Accepting what’s happening means being in control of your life instead of being controlled by outside forces which would happen if you failed at accepting something like an addiction or other harmful habit (e.g., smoking). This type of acceptance gives people more power over their lives and makes them feel better about themselves because they know that even though things aren’t perfect right now there will eventually come a time when everything will turn out fine once again – even if this doesn’t happen until after death…

Believe in the power of prayer.

Prayer is a powerful tool. Prayer is a way to express your feelings, ask for God’s help, show gratitude and give thanks. Prayer can be as simple as talking with God or even just thinking about Him. It can also take the form of writing your thoughts down in a journal or on paper. You may want to focus on one prayer topic at a time, such as asking for forgiveness or expressing gratitude for something that happened in your life.

When you pray, remember that God listens to you (1 John 5:14), so talk with Him openly and honestly about what’s going on in your life. When you pray, try not to think too much about how He will answer each request; instead accept His answers no matter what they are (Romans 8:26).

Be a good example for others.

If you’re going to be a positive influence on others, then you have to do your best at being a good example.

Being a good example means being faithful, being kind and compassionate, helping others when they’re in need, and always being honest with yourself and with others. It also means never giving up on someone who has made mistakes. Being faithful means saying your prayers regularly (and not just when there’s something wrong), attending church services regularly (and not just when someone else is driving), reading the Bible regularly (and not just when it’s assigned as homework). Being kind means smiling at everyone you meet; saying “please” and “thank you;” letting people know that their feelings matter; making people feel special by asking them about their lives or hobbies; doing nice things for others without expecting anything in return; looking past someone else’s faults so that you can see what wonderful qualities they have instead of focusing only on their shortcomings. Being compassionate involves putting yourself into another person’s shoes before judging them harshly—because we all make mistakes sometimes! Helping others includes volunteering at a charity organization or serving meals at a homeless shelter once per month; donating old clothes from time to time; giving money anonymously through various programs such as “Pay it Forward” where donors’ names remain secret forever so that those receiving help may actually get some dignity back rather than feeling indebted forever because they couldn’t afford basic necessities before getting this assistance—those types of things really go far with God!

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Be strong and steadfast.

Be strong and steadfast. Be strong in your faith, be strong in your belief, be strong in your relationship with God, be strong in your relationship with yourself, be strong in your relationship with others and finally, be strong in your relationship with the community of people around you.

The Bible says that the Lord will give you strength when you are weak (2 Corinthians 12:9). The word “strength” means “to have power or ability to do something; have physical power or ability; have force or capacity; act powerfully on or upon something; [or] act effectively so as to produce an intended result” (Merriam-Webster).

God’s strength comes from his promises as well as his power because he is both omnipotent and omniscient (all powerful, all knowing). He is able to do anything that he desires because there isn’t anything more powerful than him.

Do not stop loving people.

You are not alone. God loves you, and he knows that when you are in pain, it is easier to be bitter than to forgive. But forgiving someone does not mean that they should get away with what they did or that what they said was okay. It simply means releasing the bitterness from your heart and no longer letting it fester there.

When faced with hurtful situations or harsh words from others, do not stop loving them as human beings made in the image of God—even if their actions have proven otherwise at times. Love people even if they are not perfect; love even if they are not good; love even if they are not nice; love even if they are not the same as you; love those close at hand or far away from home because Jesus tells us to do so (Matthew 5:44).

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Have faith in God.

The world is a scary place, and sometimes that fear can make it hard to believe in God. But if we believe in God, we can find strength in him at any time. He will always be there for us, even when the world seems like it’s falling apart around us. God is always listening to our prayers and will always help us when we need him most.

  • Have faith in God.*

Always remember that you are not alone—God is with you every step of your journey through life!

Never lose hope but have faith in God!

  • Never lose hope but have faith in God!
  • You can keep your faith strong when you are in pain.
  • Keep your faith in God by praying and reading the Bible daily, so it’s always in your heart.
  • Always know that God loves you and he’s with you, even when it seems like he isn’t there at the time of your pain or suffering.


This article is a great start to finding strength through God. There are so many more ways to build this strength, and the best way for you is to find what works for you. Never forget that God will always be there, no matter how difficult things get. He is your strength when you feel weak and your courage when things seem impossible!



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