How To Bless The Lord

The Lord has blessed me with many gifts, but I’m sure you have your own. If you would like to bless the Lord, here are some steps that might help:

Section 1: Record yourself saying a blessing to the Lord

Section 2: Repeat the phrase “I love the Lord” several times in different ways

Section 3: Record yourself saying those phrases in different tones of voice

Section 4: Repeat this process until you feel like your recording session is complete. The more times you repeat these phrases and record them, the more blessings will be sent back to Earth!

How To Bless The Lord

1. With My Whole Heart.

“Bless the Lord with my whole heart.”

  • What does it mean to bless the Lord with your whole heart?*

To bless God is “to declare or invoke a divine blessing on someone or something.” When you say, “The Lord bless you,” you are invoking a blessing upon another person. You are declaring that God will cause all things to work together for good them (Romans 8:28). To bless is an act of faith and trust in God’s power; it is an expression of hope in His mercy and goodness; it acknowledges our dependence on Him alone. In short, when we bless God, we adopt His perspective—we see ourselves as dependent upon Him rather than independent from Him.

2. In The Mornings.

God loves the morning, and so should you. The morning is a good time to start your day with God, prayer, praise, and scripture. Here’s how:

  • Start the day with a prayer for yourself, your family, and all those around you. Pray for their protection from sin during this new day; pray God will bless them as they go about their business; pray that he will help you be kind towards others.
  • As soon as you wake up each morning (or before going to sleep at night) read some Bible verses aloud! You can either use an app like Proverbs or Psalms on your phone or tablet computer or pick up an actual Bible off your bookshelf (if you have one). Choose 1-3 verses per session—more than that might get overwhelming!
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3. In Trials.

In the midst of trials and hardships, God is good to us. Even when we don’t understand why something has happened or how it will turn out, we can know with certainty that God has not changed his mind about us!

God’s faithfulness, sovereignty, power, and knowledge are all-encompassing. He knows what is best for us—even if it looks like a disaster at the moment. When you are going through difficult times ask yourself: “What can I learn from this?” or “How can I benefit from this?” These questions will help guide you through any trial as well as give you peace of mind about what lies ahead!

4. In Joys.

The Psalms are filled with examples of people who have blessed the Lord. In one, a man is so happy about his circumstances that he does not even mind being thrown into prison for God’s sake (Psalm 105:19-21). In another, a man rejoices at the thought of being reunited with his beloved friends in heaven (Psalm 73:24-28).

One thing all these examples have in common is that they are joyful. They express genuine delight in God and His goodness; they do not simply go through their day as if it were an obligation or routine to be endured before going back home to their families or friends. This kind of cheerfulness is what we should seek when we come before our Creator each day to bless Him.

5. Bless Him With Your Mind, Soul, and Strength.

  • Bless the Lord with your mind.
  • Bless the Lord with your soul.
  • Bless the Lord with your strength.
  • Bless the Lord with your time, talents, and money.
  • Bless the Lord with your body, mind, and spirit if you are called to do so in God’s service; for example, a pastor is called to be a blessing to God’s people by preaching His Word and administering sacraments like baptism and communion; a missionary is called by God to go into all parts of the world to tell others about Jesus Christ so that they too can come into relationship with Him (Mark 16:15-16).
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6. Through Prayer.

Prayer is a great way to bless the Lord. It is a form of worship, as it shows our submission and dependence on God. Prayer also allows us to communicate with God in a personal way, asking Him for help and guidance or thanking Him for what He has done in our life so far.

In addition to these benefits, prayer can be used as a tool for forgiveness and repentance. When we pray, we are recognizing that all power comes from God alone; therefore it is only through Him that we can do anything good at all!

7. Through Praise.

Your praise is an expression of your love for the Lord, and it should be given to him at all times.

  • Praise Him in the morning. You can start each day by thanking God for a fresh new day, and all that it will bring.
  • Praise Him at night. Before you go to sleep, thank God for everything he has done throughout the day, including any blessings you have received or difficult challenges that have been overcome with his help and guidance.
  • Praise Him during trials. When facing a trial or trying time in life, consider what God may be trying to teach you through this experience so as not to be discouraged by it but rather strengthened by it instead; then give thanks for all that He allows us through these things so we may grow closer to Him as people and better able to face future challenges with confidence knowing we are never alone even when we feel like we are!
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8. Choose to bless the Lord!

Whatever you do, choose to bless the Lord! When it comes to your choice of how to respond to a situation, don’t take the easy way out. Choose to bless the Lord in all things!

When you wake up in the morning, bless Him for it being another day He’s given you.

When trials come, remember that He promised not only to give us trials but also that He would be with us during those trials (James 1:2-4).

When joys come along and life seems too good to be true, let those same promises comfort your heart as they did mine on days like these.


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