How To Be A Good Christian Wife In Bed

According to the Bible, Christian wives are supposed to submit to their husbands. This means a lot of things, but one of them is that wives have a duty to please their husbands in bed. If you’re married and you’re reading this article, then that probably includes you! I know it can be hard sometimes, especially when we don’t feel like our husbands deserve it or we just don’t want to put ourselves out there. But as Christian wives, we’re called by God to take care of our husbands’ physical needs as well as their emotional ones—and having great sex can definitely help achieve this goal! So here’s how you can be a good Christian wife in bed:

How To Be A Good Christian Wife In Bed

1. Be A Good Christian Wife In Bed

How do you make sex a gift from God in your marriage?

The first thing to remember is that sex is good for you and your husband. Sex is a blessing from God, and it’s great for your relationship. It can be even more fun with some of these tips!

  • Accept sex as a gift from God:

Sex isn’t just an act; it represents something much bigger—a union between two people who love each other. It also has spiritual value because it helps you see God’s presence in everyday life, including married life (1 Corinthians 7:3-5). When you think about this perspective on sex, it should encourage you to give yourself freely and lovingly to your husband in bed!

2. Be loyal to your husband in bed.

  • Be loyal to your husband in bed.
  • Be faithful to your husband, be loyal and faithful to your marriage and partner, and be loyal to the vows you made when you got married.
  • Stay true to the relationship that you have with your spouse, in both mind and body (S&D), as well as being committed physically, emotionally, and spiritually (S&D).

3. Be obedient to your husband in bed.

Obeying your husband in bed is a virtue.

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Obedience is not bad, it’s a good thing. A lot of people think that being obedient means that you have no personality or opinions of your own, but that isn’t true! You can still have your own opinion about what you want to do in bed and how you want to do it—obedience is just about honoring God by submitting to the authority He has placed over us (Romans 13:1-2). By obeying your husband’s requests for sexual pleasure, you’re showing him, love, because he wants to please you as well!

To obey God by submitting yourself fully to His will through marriage means much more than just doing what He says; it also involves trusting Him with all your heart so that His plans come true – even if they aren’t exactly what we had planned ourselves (1 Peter 3:6).

4. Be a confident Christian wife in bed.

Being a confident Christian wife in bed means that you should be proud of who you are and what you can do, and that includes the parts of your body. You should love your body for all it’s given to you and made possible for others. Being confident in bed doesn’t mean being loud or aggressive, nor does it mean wearing skimpy clothes. It simply means being comfortable with yourself and what sets off fireworks between the sheets; allowing yourself to be vulnerable with your man—and most importantly, with God.

Be confident about your relationship too: there should be no shame in sharing how much someone means to us sexually or otherwise, whether they know it or not! Just because we’ve committed ourselves to one person doesn’t mean we can’t still feel strongly about other people; this is just another way we show our love through intimacy (or any physical expression). As long as they aren’t cheating on each other behind closed doors then there’s nothing wrong with having feelings for someone else—just don’t act on them too much!

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Finally, being confident about our sexuality means embracing our desires without fearing judgment from society at large because those things make us happy–again this goes back t0 trusting ourselves enough so that no matter what happens we’ll always have confidence about who we are even if others don’t agree with us completely

5. Create a comfy bed.

  • Make sure the bed is comfortable.
  • Make sure the bed is clean.
  • Make sure the bed is quiet, at least as much as possible.
  • Make sure that you’re private in your bedroom, especially if you live with other people who don’t share your faith or your values about sex and marriage.
  • If something feels unsafe about your bedroom, either fix it or get out of there for now!

6. Talk dirty to your husband in bed.

  • Be playful.
  • Be confident.
  • Be open to new things, ideas, and ways of doing things.
  • Open yourself up to new ways of thinking about your life, marriage, sex life, and what it means to be a good Christian wife in bed with her husband. This means you need to be willing to explore different ways of being and feeling in order for both you and your husband’s relationship to blossom into something amazing!

7. Play with him before going to bed.

Play with him before going to bed, it will make him happy.

When you get home from work and settle into your routine, try doing something different than usual. Take a deep breath and relax. Play with your husband before going to bed! You will both feel better when you wake up in the morning if you allow yourself time for fun and intimacy with each other.

  • Men need sex more than women do
  • Women have higher levels of oxytocin which makes them more affectionate

8. Organize your mind as well as your bedroom.

It may seem obvious to keep your bedroom clean, but there are many other ways in which you can organize your mind as well. Be sure you have everything you need beforehand. A messy or disorganized bedroom might affect your mood and cause stress. If you have multiple people sharing the bed, be sure to set aside a designated space for each of them so that no one is forced to sleep with someone else’s stuff. This will also help keep the peace between siblings or roommates who want different things out of their shared space.

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After going through all these steps, do not forget about yourself! You are an integral part of this process too! Take time away from work or household chores before engaging in intimacy with your partner so that both of your minds are refreshed and ready for action when the time comes (pun intended).

9. Sex is a gift from God and it’s good for you and your marriage when done right!

Sex is a gift from God. The Bible says that He created us in His image and likeness, so we must also be lovers! Sex is good for you and your marriage when done right. It’s healthy for your body, mind, heart, and soul to have intimacy with the one you love. Sexual relations between husband and wife are not just the way they “do it.” It’s an act of worship that brings both parties closer together as friends or lovers who mutually benefit each other physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally.


We hope that you have found this article useful. The bottom line is that sex is a gift from God, and if you’re doing it right, it can be an amazing thing. We know many Christian wives who are struggling in their marriages because they do not know how to approach sex in a way that brings glory to God. If you follow our tips on how to be a good Christian wife in bed, we believe that your marriage will improve dramatically!

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