How To Ask For A Sign From God

If you feel like God has been silent on your prayers, it’s time to ask for a sign.

I remember the first time I asked God for a sign. I had been praying daily and sometimes even hourly for something to happen in my life, but nothing was happening. I felt like God wasn’t listening to me or maybe He had forgotten about me altogether. My faith was wavering as well as my sanity; I just couldn’t understand why He wasn’t answering my prayers! But then one day, through all of this prayerful frustration, it occurred to me that maybe God was trying to get through to me with silence instead of words. So finally I stopped asking Him what He wanted from me and instead asked Him what He would do if we were having this conversation face-to-face: “God,” my imaginary self said aloud while lying in bed one night, “what would you tell me right now if we were sitting across from each other?” The next morning at work when an email popped up on my computer screen with the subject line “Sign from God” (which at first seemed like such an absurd coincidence), I knew instantly that this was His answer—and it came in just under 24 hours after our imaginary conversation! That sign from above has since led me down an amazing path where I’ve learned how beautiful prayer truly is and how integral it is to our spiritual development as human beings…but more importantly, it helped strengthen both my relationship with Christ along with mine relationships with others who share similar beliefs about spirituality.”

How To Ask For A Sign From God

1. Decide what you want to ask for.

Once you’ve made the decision to ask for a sign, you need to think about what it is that you want God to answer.

It can be tempting to want everything all at once: “Lord, give me a new job and convince my boss that my idea is worth implementing! Also, help me find love and make sure it lasts forever!” But deciding on one thing that matters most will make things easier for both of us.

When considering what you want from God, keep in mind these tips:

  • Choose something that is important to you
  • Choose something specific (i.e., don’t say “help me find someone”)
  • Don’t ask for too much or too little (i.e., don’t pray for world peace if all your prayers have been answered already)
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2. Start small and work your way up.

To begin with, start small. You may feel that the thing you’re asking for is too much or too little, but don’t be afraid to ask for it anyway. You never know how God might answer your request! For example, you could start out by asking God if he would keep your child safe from harm while she is at school. You can then move on to asking him if he would help them pass their spelling test or help them find a good friend in class who also likes reading The Lord of the Rings books (guess what? That happened!). Then maybe ask him if he would bless all those involved in publishing these articles on this website so more people will read them and learn how they can pray effectively themselves!

3. Being an intermediary.

  • You can ask someone you trust to be an intermediary. For example, you might choose your friend or family member to help you with this process.
  • You can ask someone you don’t know to be an intermediary. If no one in your life is religious, it may feel awkward asking someone who is for this reason. However, if there’s someone who shares some of your beliefs but isn’t necessarily religious (maybe they’re spiritual or open-minded), then that could work for you as well!
  • You can ask a person of faith to be an intermediary. The most obvious choice would be someone from your church or synagogue—but why not reach out and try something different? Look up other religions near where you live and see if there are any temples around town where people gather together regularly; maybe one day soon they’ll have service open to the public so that anyone has come to check it out while learning more about what makes each religion unique. There’s nothing wrong with changing things up once in a while! Just remember: faith means believing without seeing first-hand evidence; sometimes our own eyes deceive us—so keep searching until everything makes sense again!

4. Don’t be afraid to ask for something that may seem too much or too little.

Don’t be afraid to ask for something that may seem too much or too little. God is not limited by our human concepts of reality, and therefore, the more specific you are with your request, the better. But if the very same thing has been asked before, don’t hesitate to do so again! When it comes to asking God for signs and answers, there’s no harm in being bold. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or unsure of how exactly to articulate your desire? Relax! Just take a deep breath and say what’s on your heart—it might not feel exactly right at first (in fact, most likely it will!), but once you’ve gotten the ball rolling everything else will fall into place…and then BOOM! You’ll have an answer—or help to knock at your door—before you know it 😉

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5. Be specific with your request if you need to.

If you need a sign, you should be specific with your request if possible. For example, if you want to know whether or not someone is going to like something you’re about to do, ask for confirmation that the person will like it. If you’re looking for a sign from God about whether or not it’s time for a big life change (like starting a new job), ask Him directly and specifically what He wants from you in these situations.

Some people believe that asking for signs from God is silly because they think He’s going to give them hints all the time anyway, but those people are wrong because there are no guarantees when it comes to finding out what God thinks about anything unless He tells us personally through His Word. The Bible doesn’t say anywhere that He’ll always be sending us signs; so if we want some guidance on something important in our lives right now—and now!—it helps if we ask Him directly instead of waiting around until He decides “to give me my answer.”

6. Accept that God may not give you what you want.

When you ask for a sign from God, it is perfectly acceptable to be disappointed if you don’t receive one. Remember that if you are waiting for some kind of divine intervention, there can be no guarantees. God may have something better in-store or nothing at all. But what if God decides not to give you any signs? Or what if He gives only one sign and not the ones that you were hoping for? Well, then I suppose it would simply mean that the time wasn’t right, or perhaps your particular situation wasn’t conducive to receiving one of these signs anyway!

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Asking for a sign from God is an attempt at understanding His will—and sometimes His ways are inscrutable. They certainly aren’t always easy for us to understand (Isaiah 55:8). If we expect Him to reveal Himself directly through His own voice or through tangible evidence (i.e., miracles), we could very well find ourselves disappointed when He chooses not to do so—or when He does things differently than we expected!

This doesn’t mean there aren’t times when God does grant our requests, but these instances are rare because most often we ask Him only after our own hearts’ desires have already been fulfilled; thus these wishes become tainted by selfishness (James 4:2).

7. Ask for signs and receive them, by being positive about the results of your request for a sign

Ask for signs and receive them, by being positive about the results of your request for a sign.

I remember one day after praying for God to show me a sign that I was doing the right thing with my life, I went out on my lunch break and bought myself a beautiful new scarf. It was warm and soft, but not too hot or heavy to wear in the Texas summertime. A few days later, I received an email from someone who works at my favorite store asking me if I could come in and help them clean out some inventory of their old scarves (they were closing down). They said that if I would come in, they’d give me all of these free scarves!


Hopefully, the tips above have helped you feel more comfortable with asking God for a sign. Sometimes it can be hard to admit that we need help and guidance in our lives, but talking to God is one of the best ways to get it! Just remember: The most important part is being open-minded when it comes to receiving answers from the above.

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