How Can A Christian Bear Fruit

The fruit of the Spirit is something that many Christians desire but find it difficult to attain. We want to be like Jesus, and we see Him as being fruitful. In order for us to bear fruit ourselves, however, there are some things we must do:

How Can A Christian Bear Fruit

Remaining in the vine

As a child of God, you are called to remain in Christ.

Remaining in the vine is the same as remaining in Christ (John 15:4-5). So, if we’re going to bear fruit for God, then we must remain connected with Him at all times. We do this by studying His Word and praying regularly. The more we grow closer to Him by doing these things, the more fruit He will be able to produce through us!

In order for us as Christians to do this well, we need something that helps us focus on God instead of ourselves. This focus can come from other Christians who are also striving toward following Christ’s example by doing good works while they wait patiently upon Him until He returns; but it also comes from our faith—and even more importantly—from our relationship with Jesus Christ Himself (Romans 1:17).

Trusting in what the Father has done

  • Trusting in what the Father has done.
  • Trusting in what He will do.
  • Trusting in what He has promised.

Being a branch

You are a branch in the vine of Jesus Christ. The branch receives life from the vine, but it is dependent on the vine for its very existence. In the same way, we are dependent on Christ for our spiritual growth and strength. This means that we must be connected to Him in order to grow as Christians.

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Asking in Jesus’ name

  • Ask in Jesus’ name
  • Ask in faith
  • Ask for what you need
  • Ask for what you want

By remaining in Christ, abiding in Christ, believers can bear fruit.

As we have seen, Jesus is the vine, and though you and I are branches of that vine, we must remain in Him if we want to bear fruit. This means trusting in what He has done for us on the cross and in resurrection. It does not mean trusting your own ability to remain faithful to God or make good choices.

It also means being a branch: allowing yourself to be controlled by the life-giving energy of Christ; allowing him to be your source of spiritual oxygen so that His life can flow through you from within.

And finally it means asking in Jesus’ name—asking God for everything you need as if it were already yours because it is His gift to you (1 John 5:14).


We have discussed four areas where believers can bear fruit in their lives: remaining in Christ (John 15), abiding in Christ (John 15), trusting in what the Father has done for us by sending Jesus to earth and raising Him from the dead (Romans 4:25-25). And finally, asking God for what we need in Jesus’ name. These are all important concepts that Christians need to understand if they want to grow spiritually and live a fruitful life as God intended them too!

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