Homemaking Ministries

Our home is a reflection of Christ, and it should be a welcoming place for everyone. At Church of the Holy Family in Springfield, MO, we believe that to truly live Christian values at home you must first understand what those values are. Our church offers classes on marriage counseling as well as parenting tips. Whether you want to strengthen your current relationship or improve the way your family interacts with each other, we can help!

Homemaking Ministries

1. What is a homemaking ministry?

A homemaking ministry is a ministry of service to the Lord, others, the community, family, and church. The purpose is to teach women how to make their homes more beautiful and pleasant so that they may have a place of refuge from the cares of this life (1 Timothy 2:9). Since the home has been called our “first church” (Acts 4:5), it should be an extension of God’s kingdom where He can use us as His instruments in sharing His love with others

2. About homemaking.

Homemaking is a ministry, a spiritual gift, and a calling. It’s also a way of life, one way to serve God and others.

Homemakers are women who don’t just cook for their families; they also plan menus and grocery shop for the week. They make sure that their homes are clean and orderly, with plenty of food on hand for family members as well as guests who might drop by unexpectedly (which happens quite often around here). Homemakers keep track of birthdays in their families so they can buy gifts and bake cakes or cupcakes when it’s time to celebrate—a skill we all know takes lots of thoughtfulness!

So what does homemaking actually look like? Well, there’s no one right answer because every family is different. One thing we do know is that every homemaker has something special: she loves her family more than anyone else does! That feeling comes through loud and clear when you see how hard she works taking care of them without complaining about it at all…and then thanking God after each day ends with everything done perfectly well!

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3. The ministry of homemaking.

The ministry of homemaking is to be a helpmate to the man. Tending the home, raising children, and caring for family members are duties that should be taken seriously. We must remember that God has given men and women different roles in marriage, which means we cannot have the same responsibilities or expectations as individuals who are not married. The man is the head of the home and therefore responsible for making final decisions on any major issues affecting his family; however, he should seek counsel from his wife before making any major life decisions involving their finances or children’s education. The wife then becomes an ally by helping her husband make these decisions by providing advice based on her own experience but ultimately deferring to him as head of household because she believes him to be wiser than herself at times when it comes down to making important choices such as purchasing a new car or taking out a loan (Genesis 3:16).

4. The role of the woman in the culture.

In the culture, women are valued primarily for their roles as wives and mothers; they have limited opportunities to have careers outside of the home.

Women often face discrimination in society because of their gender. Some countries provide fewer resources to women than they do to men, such as healthcare and education.

In families and communities, many women are not treated equally with their male counterparts, even though it is illegal (for example) for African-American slaves to be educated or own property before emancipation in 1865.

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5. The woman’s place in the home.

As a woman, you have a special place in the home. You are to be the heart of your family, as well as its leader and influence. When you take on these responsibilities, you show your husband that he can trust you and let go of some control over his life. As children see their mother leading by example, they learn what God’s design for women is: submission to their husbands.

When it comes to ministry within the church walls or beyond them, God has placed men in positions of leadership throughout history and Scripture (see 1 Timothy 2:12). Although women are not forbidden from serving alongside men in ministry roles or positions of authority within local churches or even abroad (1 Corinthians 11:5), it remains true that all authority belongs ultimately to Christ alone (Matthew 28:18)

6. The importance of the mother in the family.

The role of the mother is extremely important in the family. The wife should be an example to her children on how to lead their lives. It is her duty that teaches her children good values and morals so that they grow up to become responsible citizens of society.

The role of a mother as a disciplinarian is also very vital because it helps in shaping the character of her child positively by giving them guidance, love, and encouragement when needed. Without discipline, a person is likely to get into trouble or even commit crimes at an early age which can cause harm not only to himself but also to others around him/her.

Therefore, we should all appreciate what our mothers do for us so that we may have peace in our homes!

7. What does a homemaker do? Section: Homemaking isn’t easy! Section: Many women do not like to cook. Section: One reason why women do not like to cook is that they are tired! Section: What are some tips for making housework easier? Section: Why use something that is more expensive in order to save money? Takeaway: Do some simple things and make a difference in your home and family.

Homemaking is a ministry. It is not just a job or role, but it is also a ministry that requires a lot of time and energy.

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Many women do not like to cook. One reason why women do not like to cook is that they are tired! If you are tired it will be hard for you to make dinner for your family! This can cause problems in your home and family because if no one makes dinner then everyone will go out and get fast food which could be unhealthy for your children because it may have too much fat in the foods they eat if they were not home-cooked meals made by someone who loves them enough that they want them around forever so they can watch them grow up instead of going away somewhere else where no one knows their names yet!


There are many things you can do to improve the homemaking ministry. You can have a regular cleaning schedule, put out fresh flowers on the table or even make sure that everyone has his or her own place at meal time. However, if your family is like most families, there will be times when someone drops their plate on the floor or spills milk all over themselves while drinking from their cup. This is not something we should beat ourselves up over; it’s just part of life! If we focus too much on minor details such as these then

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