Good Closing Prayers For Funerals

The following closing prayers for funerals are examples of the types of closing prayers you can use at a funeral service. You could also use them for a memorial service or for your own personal prayer.

A Closing Prayer for a Funeral Service

Father, we have celebrated with joy the gift of this person’s life and have been strengthened in faith by our belief in the resurrection. We thank you now that at the end of his earthly journey he is gathered into your kingdom and his spirit lives on in heaven where there is no more death or sadness. We pray that he may live forever with Christ your Son, who died and rose from the dead to save all people from sin and death.

We praise you Lord because we know that even as we grieve this death we are united with our brother/sister in loving communion. Grant us peace now as we try to put our lives back together after this loss, knowing that one day you will call us also to life everlasting through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.” – Catholic Household Blessings & Prayers (2007)

Good Closing Prayers For Funerals

1. A Closing Prayer for a Funeral Service

Prayer is a way of giving thanks, expressing gratitude, and asking for forgiveness. Prayer can also be a way of asking for guidance and help. Prayer is an expression of love, which is why we turn to God in times of trouble or joy.

The best closing prayers include these elements:

  • Acknowledging the presence of God
  • Expressing gratitude for all he has done and asked us to do during this time
  • Offering praise and thanksgiving
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2. Closing Prayer for a Christian Funeral

Heavenly Father, we come before you today in your presence. We thank you for the life of (name) who has passed from this world to the next. We ask that You would comfort their family and friends at this time, for their loss is great and their suffering is deep.

We ask for Your guidance as we go forward without this dear one, and we know that Your grace will be sufficient for all of those here today who are grieving. We know that it can be difficult to find comfort in times such as these, but we have faith that You have an eternal plan for each of us and that our time on this earth is temporary compared to what awaits us after death.

We remember also those who remain behind—those who have lost someone they love dearly—and we pray with them as well:

May God bless (name), whose body lies before us now; may God grant him/her eternal rest; may he/she rest in peace; Amen!

3. Prayers for the Deceased

Prayers for the deceased

  • Jesus, you are our peace. In your light we see light. We thank you for your presence and love in our lives, especially at this time. We pray that God will continue to comfort those who mourn their loss. You are the way, the truth and life; no one comes to the Father except through you (John 14:6).
  • Lord have mercy on us; Christ have mercy on us; Lord have mercy on us.
  • Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name; thy kingdom come; thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven (Matthew 6:9-10).
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Prayers for the family

4. Final Prayers for a Memorial Service

A memorial service is a gathering of family and friends to remember the deceased. Memorial services can be held at any time, even before or after a funeral. The service is typically held at a church or other place of worship.

In some instances, the family may choose to hold a reception following the memorial service instead of having it after the funeral. It’s important that you consult your minister before making this decision so that he or she can help you plan accordingly.

5. At the end of a funeral service, a closing prayer can be said to seal the message.

After a funeral service, it is customary to have someone lead a closing prayer. This can be done by anyone who has been asked to speak about the deceased, or anyone else who feels moved to do so. The closing prayer seals the message of your eulogy and wraps things up nicely. If you decide that you want someone else to give the closing prayer, ask them before hand so they know what is expected of them.


At the end of a funeral service, a closing prayer can be said to seal the message. It is a way for all attendees to join in with their thoughts and prayers as they say goodbye to someone who has passed on to the next world. The following are some examples of closing prayers that you may find helpful when preparing your own remarks.



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