God Sees Your Tears

My wife and I were enjoying a few hours of time at home with our twins when one of them began to cry. The baby was inconsolable, so my wife went to comfort her and change her diaper. As she walked down the hall with our daughter in her arms, she burst into tears herself—tears of joy at such a sweet moment with our child, but also tears because it’s been hard for her lately.

Crying has never been easy for me either, but since my wife started crying as well I knew it had to be something more than just fatigue or stress related to being a new parent. So I went outside where they were sitting on the porch swing together and asked if everything was okay. She told me about how much she loves being a mother; how hard it can be sometimes; that she misses having friends around who understand what she is going through; but mostly just how beautiful this experience is despite all that. Then we both apologized for crying over nothing when we should have been celebrating instead!

God Sees Your Tears

1. He’s familiar with your tears.

God has also experienced human suffering. Jesus suffered for us on the cross, taking our sins upon himself as a sacrifice for us. He knows what it’s like to be rejected by people and misunderstood by those around him, even his own family members (John 7:1-10).

As a father, he understands what it feels like to see your children suffer or even die. “As I watched over them day after day, my heart was torn within me; I could see that they were going astray, but I did not know how to help them” (Ezekiel 19:5). Like any parent who loves his children dearly and doesn’t want to let them down in any way, God had a hard time watching over Israel as she made poor decisions that would ultimately lead her into exile (Ezekiel 14:6-7).

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God knows what it feels like when someone hurts you or causes you pain because he too has experienced pain firsthand when Jesus died on the cross (Isaiah 53:3-5).

2. He’ll wipe away your tears.

God is a God of comfort. He sees your tears and hears your cries. He knows every pain in your heart and every tear that has fallen down your cheek. He will wipe away all of your tears so that you can be happy again.

He’s not just a God of comfort; he’s also a God of hope. When things seem bleak and hopeless, he wants you to remember that he is with you through it all; he promises to never leave or forsake those who love him (Hebrews 13:5). His presence in your life gives strength when times are tough, allowing us to go through difficult circumstances knowing that our faithfulness will not go unrewarded (2 Corinthians 1:3-4).

God knows what it feels like when we feel helplessly lost—that feeling when we feel like everything has been taken from us or destroyed before our eyes—and because he cares about us so much, he wants us to know that this isn’t how things have to be forever! It may seem impossible now, but with his help, we can make it through tough times too!

3. He understands why you’re crying.

God knows what you’re going through. He is always close by, whether you realize it or not. He always listens to your prayers, even if you don’t know he’s listening at that moment, because he’s always ready to help when you need him most. God is also ready to comfort and forgive with his love whenever you ask for it, which means that no matter how many times life has thrown you off course—and there will be times when life does this—God will never abandon you in your time of need.

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4. The Psalms celebrate and honor God through tears.

The Psalms are a collection of poems that express the worship and praise of God. The Psalms are also a reflection of our human experiences, which means they can be interpreted in many different ways.

For example, consider the following passage: “The Lord sees my tears, and will hear my prayer” (Psalm 6:8). This verse acknowledges that we experience pain and suffering in this world, but also points to hope for better days ahead. This was certainly true for King David when he wrote these words. He had just been betrayed by one of his close friends who had an affair with Bathsheba, his wife—an act that led to her death (2 Samuel 11).

In times like these, it’s easy to feel alone and question where God is during your struggle. But as King David shows us through his own experience in the Psalms’ pages, there’s a place where you can find comfort—heavenly places where you’ll never be alone again.

5. You can pray when you’re crying.

Prayer is a great way to let God know how you’re feeling. When you’re sad and crying, pray for yourself first. Tell God what’s going on in your life and ask Him to give you comfort and strength.

Pray also for others who are going through something hard, like a friend or family member who just lost someone they love. Pray for them as well! If you don’t know exactly what to say, try saying “God, please comfort my friend.” This can help bring comfort from an outside source when someone may not have anyone else there to provide it for them at that time.

6. God gave you tears for a reason.

God gave you tears for a reason. He gave them to show your emotions, your pain, and even sadness. When you feel any of these things, God wants you to cry so that He can comfort you. He does not want us to hold back our feelings; instead, he wants us to let them out so that we can be free from the burdens that weigh on our hearts. God also gives us tears when we feel love or gratitude towards others because those kinds of feelings are usually accompanied by joyous tears that flow from our hearts instead of just our eyes (Romans 12:15).

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7. Crying is a natural part of life, but it doesn’t mean we suffer alone when we cry.

  • Crying is a natural part of life, but it doesn’t mean we suffer alone when we cry.
  • God is with you in your suffering and he sees your tears. He knows you better than anyone else knows you, so if you’re feeling discouraged or depressed or sad, turn to him and let him comfort you.
  • When we cry out to God for help, he listens! He’s familiar with our tears because he himself suffered for us by dying on the cross–and now he lives inside of us through his Holy Spirit who guides us through our daily lives (1 Corinthians 6:19).
  • We don’t need to try and hide our feelings from God because he already knows them all (Psalm 32:8). Just tell him how bad it hurts today–and let him take away all those tears!


God sees your tears and He knows when you are sad. When you’re down, He wants to lift you up. When it seems like nothing will work out in your life, God can turn it all around and give you hope for tomorrow.

Take some time today to listen to what God might say about your tears today. You’ll be surprised at how much comfort there is in knowing that Jesus cares about every tear we shed!

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