Elevation Church Mothers Day Sunday Service May 8 2022

Elevation Church Mothers Day Sunday Service May 8 2022 : We are happy to bring to you this Mothers day Sunday service at Elevation Church for May 8 2022 and it is a service that will be filled with praise, worship and a wonderful sermon. Steven Furtick who is the senior pastor of Elevation Church has changed the lives of many people in and around the United States of America through his teachings and way of life.

Inviting everyone to this Sunday service, Elevation Church took to Instagram to write:

“We are THIS excited to see you for church this weekend!
Let us know if you’ll be joining us at a campus or online, and tag someone here to invite them too.

For more information on times/locations, head to ElevationChurch.org.”

Watch and learn from this Mothers day Sunday service for May 8 2022 at Elevation Church as we bring the latest messages from Pastors around the globe to you.

Credit: Elevation Church YouTube



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