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Donna Jeremiah Biography, Contact, Age, Family, Church, Net Worth, Illness, Maiden name, Parents, Children

    Donna Jeremiah who was formally known as Donna Thompson is the wife of the famous preacher, founder of Turning point and Senior Pastor of Shadow Mountain Community Church, David Jeremiah. She is also a talented author and owner of the book ”Storm over coronado

    Donna Jeremiah


    Donna Jeremiah was born on the 29th July 1940.  She is a well known author and the proud owner of the book ”storm over Coronado”.

    For Clarity and ease of reference, we have reduced this Biography of Donna Jeremiah in different subheadings.


    Donna Jeremiah who is the wife of Dr. David Jeremiah of Shadow Mountain community Church, was born on the 29th July 1940 . Accordingly as at October 2021 being the time of writing this article, Donna Jeremiah is 81 years old. Donna celebrates her birthday on the 29th day of July every year.


    Donna Jeremiah’s maiden name is Donna Thompson. Donna Thompson now known as Donna Jeremiah met her husband David Jeremiah during her school days (College). They got to know and understand each other better and consequently got married to each other in 1963, same year Donna Jeremiah graduated from the college.


    Donna Jeremiah’s husband is Dr. David Jeremiah, who is a famous , devoted and committed preacher of the gospel, senior pastor of Shadow Mountain Community Church and the founder of Turning Point TV.  David Jeremiah who was born on the 13th February 1941 is as at the time of writing this article, 80 years old.

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    David Jeremiah wife Donna Jeremiah

    David and Donna Jeremiah have four children, namely Daniel Jeremiah, Jan Jeremiah, Jennifer Jeremiah and David Jeremiah.

    David and Donna Jeremiah also have 12 grandchildren.

    Daniel Jeremiah who is the eldest son of David and Donna Jeremiah was an NFL Scout but now works as a sport analyst for the NFL network.


    As a virtuous and supportive wife, Donna Jeremiah in 1994 and 1998, stood firmly by her husband David Jeremiah when he was diagnosed of a type of cancer called ”Lymphoma”. The couples prayed fervently and remained strong in their faith until David Jeremiah was healed finally of the cancer and he became cancer free after surgery and stem cell transplant therapy in 1991. This recovery of David Jeremiah remains a testimony in his life .


    Since David and Donna Jeremiah marriage in 1963, Donna Jeremiah’s career has been inside the church alongside her husband. Donna has remained committed and very instrumental in the development of the church.


    David and Donna Jeremiah began their church in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Then they had only seven family active members. Believing in what they do, they kept on working hard . They worked for over 12 years trying to grow their church while also serving at Blackhawk Baptist church.

    David and Donna Jeremiah’s church eventually grew and they had over 1300 active members in addition to a school named Blackawk Christian school and a TV program called the Bible Hour.

    The couple later relocated to California in 1981 and joined Scott Memorial Baptist Church which was later renamed to Shadow Mountain Community Church. Donna Jeremiah served as the executive president of the church while her husband David Jeremiah was the head pastor. Gradually , the church grew to become one of the most prominent Baptist churches in San Diego with additional 8 locations.

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    Furthering their achievement, Donna and David Jeremiah also formed the Christian Unified Kindergarten schools and the Southern California seminary .

    In 1982, they formed the Turning Point For God TV program.

    Suffice to also state that Donna and David Jeremiah are avid supporters of Donald Trump.