Chrystal Evans Hurst – How to Find a Mentor

Chrystal Evans Hurst How to Find a Mentor : Chrystal Evans Hurst shares this new message titled “How to Find a Mentor”. In this episode, she talks about being a mentor and a mentee. She said the truth is … we are all both and we all need both. No matter what stage of life you are in there is value in having an intentional and authentic mentor relationship.

Chrystal said we cannot allow our insecurities to keep us from seeking out a mentor nor can we allow them to keep us from saying yes to pouring into another person. God desires for us to live in community with each other. He desires for us to learn from one another as iron is meant to sharpen iron.

Watch and learn from this message by Chrystal Evans Hurst “How to Find a Mentor” as we bring the latest messages from pastors around the globe to you.

Credit: Chrystal Evans Hurst YouTube



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