Congratulations to Bishop TD Jakes on his Induction to the Black Music & Entertainment walk of fame

Bishop TD Jakes induction Black Music and Entertainment walk of fame : The famous preacher, author and film maker and the founder of Potters House of Dallas has taken to instagram to express his joy and felling of honor on his induction to the Black Music and Entertainment walk of fame.

The Black Music & Entertainment Walk of Fame, located in Atlanta, Georgia, started in January 2021, to honor African Americans with a monument for their achievements in entertainment. The walk of fame is located in the historic Downtown Atlanta area, on the sidewalks of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Black Music and Entertainment walk of fame Bishop TD Jakes

Bishop TD Jakes who has made a remarkable impact in the world of religion and enterytainment has recently been duly inductyed into the Black Music and Entertainment walk of fame and it is a deserving induction.

Expressing his joy, Bishop TD Jakes took to instagram to write :

I’m so honored! I’m about to have my name indelibly engraved beside many amazing people on the walk of fame in Atlanta! Wow!

Exceedingly, abundantly, above all we may ask of think! There are times God does things we didn’t even ask for! He has an abundant blessing for His children! My name engraved in honor in time for Juneteenth as one of many notable legends in front of the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta Georgia! I never even asked for it….. but God!!!

That’s just amazing! #redcarpet and everything! Hope I don’t stumble and trip! Pray saints 😂🙏🏾.



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