Biography of Bishop David Evans of Bethany Baptist Church

Bishop David Evans Biography : The Life of Bishop Evans David of Bethany Baptist Church, can be characterized on the adage that says ‘The starting point of man is not what matters but the finishing’.

Bishop Evans David was born in Philadelphia. However, the place Bishop Evans David grew, can be ascribed as a housing development for low income earners, in Chester, Pennsylvania.

However, the father of Bishop Evans David is a known alcoholic while the mother is a Christian. Bishop Evans David once stated that what his immediate biological father didn’t give or put in another words, the fatherly love and care he didn’t have in his father, he found same in his grandfather, whom he described as his role model.

It is important to add that the love of Bishop Evans David has for his grandfather was born out of the messy divorce of his parents when he in the third grade in high school and fortunately his grandparents being in the same locality with them, helped tremendously to bridge the gap of his parents’ divorce by training him.

However, with the motivation of his grandfather, Bishop Evans David obtained his degrees in economics and education from Lincoln University, in the year 1973 and which he sought for corporate jobs. In the course of his service in the corporate world, he served as the Vice President for a commercial lending corporation and later became a Chief Executive Officer of a Commercial Cleaning Company.

It is apposite to mention as an aside, that the hatred Bishop Evans David had for his father began to fade away as he grew up, because according to him, it all began to affect his way of life. According to him, he opined that he was sabotaging things because of the bad vibes he had with his father and that there is a place kept people in order to protect himself and he needed to let God into the place, in order to take his place and lighten the burden.

On appraising how Bishop Evans David, gave his life to Christ, Bishop Evans David said that he just started to balance his life spiritually and which he surprised his mother one morning by asking her if she was going for early morning service and which left her mother flabbergasted.

It is germane to mention, that although Bishop Evans David, was raised in Christian family background, but because of his resentment and paucity of trust towards his father, made him to extend same God.

Nevertheless, after barely three weeks of encounter with his mother, Bishop Evans David stated that he learnt from the bible what it means to be a man and also God revealed to him what it entails to be a father, and which he appealed to God to be the Father in his life that he lacked. Bishop Evans David opined that he healed when he started playing fatherly role to other people and was happy that what he lacked in his father, he was able to do that perfectly well to others.

Fundamentally, Bishop Evans David gave his life to Christ in 1976, of which afterwards he was called to the five-fold ministry. Also, apart from wining souls for Christ after his own soul was won, he was an operative member of the gospel music industry in that era.

Bishop Evans David, was a member or in partnership with the Wilmington Chester Mass Choir, Sweet Rain Records, that has some artist on its roll such as Hezekiah Walker, Bruce Parham and the Southeast Inspirational Choir.

It is imperative to mention, that Bishop Evans David keyed into the ministry and which he sought to portray by growing and pastoring a church. The license or authority sought by Bishop Evans David to work in the Lord’s Vine yard as a pastor, was made possible by Reverend H.R Lusk, the pastor in charge of Greater Exodus Church, Philadelphia. However, in 1989, Bishop Evans David was anointed as a pastor of Bethany Association.

Notably, Bishop Evans David has been ascribed as one of the most famous, influential and powerful preacher of the gospel.

There are pertinent achievements of Bishop Evans David that are worthy of mention. The aforementioned ranges from constant host of Trinity Broadcast Network, Bishop of the Abundant Harvest Fellowship, Chief Executive Officer of David G. Evans Ministries, which are the producers of the Power of Revelation Broadcast Television and which consist of Streaming, Dominion radio Ministries and On Point, a live call-in radio talk show, author of a popular book, Herald without scars.

The mission of Bishop Evans David is primarily to give the same deliverance he got by accepting Jesus Christ and in turn change the world.

Ultimately, Bishop Evans David is the pastor in charge of Bethany Baptist Church that have an estimated number of Twenty-New Jersey and is mainly a pastoral institute that is covers up to 175 churches and which includes Africa, United States and India.







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