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Billy Graham Daily Devotional April 17 2022 : The Ability to Believe

    Billy Graham Daily Devotional April 17 2022 :

    It is impossible to believe anything into existence. The Gospel did not come into being because men believed it. The tomb was not emptied of Christ’s body that first Easter because some faithful persons believed it. The fact preceded the faith. We are psychologically incapable of believing without an object of our faith. The object of Christian faith is Christ. Faith means more than an intellectual assent to the claims of Christ. You are not called upon to believe something that is not credible, but to believe in the fact of history that in reality transcends all history. Faith actually means surrender and commitment to the claims of Christ. We do not know Christ through the five physical senses, but we know Him through the sixth sense that God has given every man—the ability to believe.

    Prayer for the day

    As I keep my eyes on You, Lord, my faith does not waver. Too often I look down and stumble. Let me comprehend today afresh the power that raised You from the dead.

    Author: Billy Graham

    Source : Billy Graham Evangelistic Association /

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