Best Prayers For Unborn Babies

The power of prayer is immense. So, why not pray for your unborn baby? After all, God loves the little children. Here are some of the best prayers you can offer up to the Lord on behalf of your unborn baby.

Best Prayers For Unborn Babies

1. The prayer of protection

  • The prayer of protection
  • One that I find very helpful is the following: “Lord, shield this baby with your love. Protect it from all harm and evil.”
  • Pray for God to protect the unborn baby from any physical or emotional harm that may come it’s way. Pray that if there are complications during pregnancy, He will intervene on their behalf, so they can safely make it through those difficult times. Pray that God will protect them from a miscarriage as well as from physical or emotional abuse by others (such as parents).
  • Also pray for protection for yourself, if you’re pregnant with an unplanned child or carrying a baby who has been conceived in rape or incest. You’re going to need extra strength when facing these situations—and so will your baby!

2. The prayer for strength

The prayer for strength:

God, please give me the strength to do what is right.

  • God, please give me the strength to stand up for what is right.
  • God, please give me the strength to stand up for myself.
  • God, please give me the strength to stand up for others.

3. The prayer of connection

The Prayer of Connection is a prayer that asks God to help you connect with your unborn baby, and for the baby to connect with you, God, others, and the world. This is an important prayer because it helps us recognize our relationship as parents. We are not simply taking care of someone else’s child; we are guiding that person through this life—and helping them become who they were meant to be in the process.

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4. The prayer of guidance

The prayer of guidance is a prayer that will help you feel the presence of God. It is great for times when you are going through a difficult time or feel confused, lost, or alone.

It can also be used as part of your daily prayers if you need to ask for direction in life.

This prayer helps to focus your mind on the positive aspects of life and it helps bring peace and calmness into your heart and soul

5. The prayer of wisdom and discernment

Prayer of wisdom and discernment for unborn babies:

Dear God, I ask that you give me the wisdom to make the best decisions for my baby. Help me to listen to my heart and know what is right for my child. Give me the strength to see both sides of an issue before making a decision or trying something new. Help me not to be afraid of change if it’s in the best interest of our child, but also help us avoid unnecessary conflict by seeking peace before making any drastic changes in our lives or home environment. In Jesus’ name, we pray, Amen!

6. The prayer of health and wholeness

“O Lord, we pray for the health of this baby, and his or her wholeness at birth. We pray that they will be born into a family who loves them, and has prepared for their arrival. We ask that you bless this mother and father with good health as well so they can care for their child.

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We ask this through Christ our Lord.”

7. These prayers are great to say for your unborn baby.

These prayers are great to say for your unborn baby. If you need inspiration, these prayers can help. These are some of the best prayers for unborn babies and will give you a lot of comfort during this time.

  • Lord, please let my child be born healthy. I pray that they have a long life and get all their needs met through You. Please keep them safe from any harm or danger as they grow up in this world.*
  • Heavenly Father I ask that You heal my baby who has Down syndrome or any other genetic defects so that they may live their lives free of pain or suffering.*
  • Dear Lord Jesus Christ, thank You for allowing us to bring another soul into the world with our love and care! Please bless ____(name) with good health and protection on their journey through life until we meet again one day at Your throne in heaven where no pain exists anymore but only joy throughout eternity without end amen!


We hope this blog has helped you find the perfect prayer for your unborn baby. Don’t give up! There’s nothing wrong with praying for your unborn child every day. In fact, it’s a great way to show them how much you love them even if you can’t be there for them all the time. We know that sometimes things aren’t as easy as we want them to be, but don’t lose faith in God and keep praying!”

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