April Osteen Simons Sermon: Stop Saying It’s Impossible

April Osteen Simons Sermon Stop Saying It’s Impossible : 

Joel Osteen sister and associate pastor of Lakewood Church, Pastor April Osteen Simons has come through with this wonderful and inspiring sermon titled ”stop saying it’s impossible”.

In this sermon, Pastor April Simons teaches the importance of professing positivities and abstain from speaking negative things.

Preaching on this sermon, April Osteen Simons said, If you want your life to be positive, you have to get your mouth positive. In this episode, we are getting the negative, limiting, dream-stopping phrases OUT of our vocabulary!

Kindly watch and learn from this sermon and as you do so, may God bless his words in your heart and grant you all your heart desires.

Video Credit : April Osteen Simons Youtube



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