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Andrew Wommack Sermons and Bible Studies 2021

    Andrew Wommack’s New Sermon for Today 01 15 2021 Friday

    Andrew Wommack – How To Find, Follow & Fulfill God’s Will – Week 3, Day 3 – The Gospel Truth (January-14-2021)

    Andrew Wommack (January-14-2021) How To Find, Follow & Fulfill God’s Will – Week 3, Day 3 – The Gospel Truth.   God has a plan for each and every one of us . It is therefore very imperative that we  Find, Follow and serve him for him to Fulfill His will for us. Psalm 139:14-16 shows us that before we were even born, God had a plan for us. The good news is, it’s never too late to Find, Follow and Fulfill God’s will. With our cooperation, God will re-calculate and redirect our lives. Great men of God like Moses, Abraham and David made major mistakes in their lives but with a willing heart, God redirected their lives and they were blessed and a tremendous blessing to others.

    Everything we do in life is dependent on the grace and favor of God. Nothing that happens around us without a spiritual undertone. Accordingly, God being our shepherd and our savior, we ought to be in constant communication with him, for him to at every point in time , guide, lead, direct and protect us. God is ever willing to be there for us at anytime and anywhere.

    First step to Enjoying God’s favour is to first follow him and discover his plans for us, then keep following all the time to fulfil his will for us.

    Below is the teaching by Andrew Wommack on how to find, follow and fulfill God’s will

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